Evolution 2Unlockable05/31/06
Spawn: In the Demon's HandSpawn with cape05/31/06


Blitzkrieg 2Codes (pre 1.4 patch)07/05/06
City Life: World EditionCheat Codes03/08/07
Disciples: Sacred LandsCodes02/21/06
Europa Universalis IIIInvest Cheat02/12/07
Glory of the Roman EmpireCodes07/17/06
Hard Truck: ApocalypseCodes07/11/06
Hot Rod: Garage to GloryCode07/05/06
MaelstromCheat Codes03/06/07
Marine Sharpshooter 3Cheat Codes06/18/07
PraetoriansLevel select:06/14/06
Primal PreyCheat Codes09/26/02
Rome: Total War AlexanderConsole Cheats.07/05/06
Space Force: Rogue UniverseCheat Codes06/18/07
Supreme CommanderAssorted Codes for Skirmish and Multiplayer02/20/07
UFO: AfterlightCheat Codes02/26/07
WarpathCheat Codes08/09/06
Zoo EmpireCheats09/06/05


Shadow MadnessHidden songs07/21/06

PlayStation 2

And 1 StreetballIn-Game Codes06/18/06
ATV Quad Power Racing 2Unlock Everything07/13/06
Call of Cthulhu: Dark Corners of the EarthUnlockables07/26/06
Cricket 2002Team Unlocking07/12/05
Dark Cloud 2Easy Level Up07/07/05
Ice Age 2: The MeltdownUnlocking04/03/06
MaliceUnlimited Mana03/21/06
Rogue GalaxyUnlocking new levels and items12/26/05
SummonerAlternate Ending06/29/05
The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, The Witch and The WardrobePushbutton12/13/05
True Crime: Streets of LAHidden FMV07/20/05
Wild Arms 3Alternate Songs07/18/05

PlayStation 3

BioShockAlternate Endings *SPOILERS*10/20/08


And 1 StreetballALL THE CODES FOR AND 106/26/06
Blazing Angels: Squadrons of WWIIUnlockable06/14/06
IHRA Drag Racing: Sportsman EditionCodes07/05/06
Pirates of the CaribbeanEaster Egg06/28/06

Xbox 360

Call of JuarezUnlockable Achievements06/06/07