GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (North America)

007: Everything or NothingSave Game File11/23/0664K
All mission 100% complete
Aero the Acro-batSave Game File10/22/0664K
Game completed
Bruce Lee: Return of the LegendSave Game File10/22/0664K
All modes completed & secrets unlocked
Crash Nitro KartSave Game File10/20/0664K
Good & Evil files with 101%
The King of Fighters EX2: Howling BloodSave Game File01/13/0764K
Everything unlocked & everyone at Master Orochi rank

GameBoy Advance GameShark Save (Europe)

Ace LightningSave Game File10/22/0664K
Game complete with all amulet pieces
Altered Beast: Guardian of the RealmsSave Game File10/21/0664K
Game complete with all forms
Bubble Bobble: Old & NewSave Game File10/21/0664K
Old & New versions 100% complete
Comix ZoneSave Game File10/16/0664K
Episode 3, last stage
It's Mr PantsSave Game File10/30/0664K
Game 100% complete with all platinum trophies