Bubble BobbleTitle Screen Codes04/18/03
Defender of the CrownBigger Army04/30/03
Dizzy: MagiclandCheats10/07/02
Faery Tale AdventureUnlimited bravery04/30/03
Faery Tale AdventureUnlimited items04/30/03
Fire & Ice: The Daring Adventures of Cool CoyoteInfinite Items05/24/03
Fire & Ice: The Daring Adventures of Cool CoyoteInfinite Lives05/24/03
FloodHigh Score Screen Codes05/24/03
Gravity ForceLevel Select05/24/03
Indiana Jones and the Fate of AtlantisUnlimited Lives05/24/03
Indiana Jones and the Last CrusadeInfinite Continues06/02/03
KatakisCheat Mode06/02/03
MoonstoneExtra lives06/10/03
Mortal Kombat IICheat06/10/03
Mortal Kombat IINo blood06/10/03
P.P. HammerCheats06/10/03
Rick DangerousLevel cheat06/10/03
Shadow of the Beast IIUnlimited energy06/10/03
The Great Giana SistersLevel Skip05/24/03
The Secret of Monkey IslandCheats06/10/03


Logo QuizUnlockables05/20/14

Commodore 64

'43: One Year AfterBASIC Commands06/23/03
720 DegreesDouble Speed and Power Jumps06/23/03
AirWolf IIBASIC Codes06/23/03
Alien (1984)BASIC Codes06/23/03
Aliens (1986)BASIC Codes06/23/03
Android 2BASIC Codes06/23/03
AnnihilatorBASIC Codes06/23/03
Back to the FutureBASIC Codes06/23/03
BatmanBASIC Codes06/23/03
Battle CommandSecret Codes06/24/03
Battle Through TimeBASIC Codes06/24/03
Battle ValleyBASIC Codes06/24/03
Battle ValleyChange Vehicle Speed06/24/03
BattlezoneBASIC Codes06/24/03
BC's Quest for TiresBASIC Codes06/24/03
Bee 52Cheat mode06/24/03
Beyond the Ice PalaceBASIC Codes06/24/03
Big BenBASIC Codes06/24/03
Bionic CommandoBASIC Codes06/24/03
Blue BaronBASIC Codes06/24/03
Blue MaxBASIC Codes06/24/03
Blue MoonBASIC Codes06/24/03
Blue ThunderBASIC Codes06/24/03
Bomb JackBASIC Codes06/25/03
Bomb Jack IIBASIC Codes06/25/03
Boot CampDisable Timer06/25/03
Bubble BobbleInfinite Lives06/25/03
Captain DynamoUnlimited Lives06/25/03
Cauldron II: The Pumpkin Strikes BackPOKE Codes06/25/03
CavelonInfinite Lives06/25/03
CavelonLevel Select06/25/03
Caverns of KhafkaUnlimited Lives06/25/03
Caverns of SillahcNo Opponents06/25/03
Cliff HangerUnlimited Lives06/25/03
CobraUnlimited Lives06/25/03
CommandoCheat mode06/25/03
CommandoUnlimited Lives06/25/03
Crazy CarsCheat Mode06/25/03
Crazy CarsFaster Car06/25/03
Crazy CarsUnlimited Time06/25/03
Crazy CavemanInvincibility06/25/03
Crazy KongCheat mode06/25/03
Crystal CastlesCheat mode06/25/03
Dark SideUnlimited fuel06/25/03
Dark SideUnlimited Shields06/25/03
Dark SideUnlimited Time06/25/03
The Blues BrothersBASIC Codes06/24/03
The Caverns of EribanUnlimited Lives06/25/03


Countdown: The GameUnlock Higher Difficulty Levels (Single Player Mode)11/27/12

Game Boy

Dr. MarioEpilogue Animation02/10/03


CliffhangerSecret Mode Unlock04/17/03
Mighty Morphin Power RangersUnlock Green Ranger01/04/13
Street Fighter II': Special Champion EditionSpecial Ending04/20/12

Nintendo 64

WCW/NWO RevengeHidden characters03/24/04
WCW/NWO RevengeUnlockables08/29/00


The Ultimate DoomAll codes04/28/02

PlayStation 2

Bloody Roar 3To unlock all modes07/07/01

Sega Master System

Sonic the HedgehogUnlock hidden ending04/24/13
Sonic the Hedgehog 2Unlockables04/24/13