Arcade Games

1942To some it's one of the arcade classics... to others it's your standard shmup game...08/16/136/10
1943: The Battle of MidwayI wonder if those fighter jet pilots talked fast and wore high trousers.07/30/147/10
Altered BeastWorth a one-time playthrough, nothing else after, though.07/30/134/10
AsteroidsPow, pow, pow, boom.08/16/137/10
Bubble BobbleLet the bubbles flow.12/12/139/10
CentipedeIt's like Space Invaders, except with mushrooms and giant insects.08/22/147/10
Daytona USAGentlemen start your engines...03/01/138/10
Daytona USA 2The race goes on...04/02/138/10
Donkey KongIt's hammer time.04/29/139/10
Donkey Kong Jr.Save your papa!05/03/138/10
Final FightJustice, best served with a lead pipe to the back of the head.01/02/149/10
GalagaJust some good old classic shooting action.01/14/147/10
Golden AxeA great, classic hack-'n-slash from Sega.08/16/138/10
Jurassic Park IIIShoot them dinos, don't get eaten. Simple stuff.08/22/137/10
Mario Bros.Can you kick off all the pests?08/22/137/10
Mortal KombatGET OVER HERE!!...and check this review out.05/03/137/10
Mortal Kombat 3Additions, adjustments and refinements, but no improvements.08/22/136/10
Mortal Kombat IIMemories like these are so...TOASTY!!06/11/138/10
Ms. Pac-ManFemale Pac-power.01/14/149/10
Operation ThunderboltRoy Adams is back for more of that classic shooting action, and this time with a partner.09/24/138/10
Operation WolfShoot 'em all...09/12/138/10
Pac-ManJust eats your time away.11/09/129/10
PongAn electronic version of what we call 'Table Tennis'.05/01/137/10
Sega Super GTVroom...Daytona USA clone...vroom...05/30/137/10
Street Fighter II: Champion EditionUndisputed champion of the classic arcade fighters!01/14/1410/10
Street Fighter II: The World WarriorThe first in a VERY long line of classic fighters.09/26/139/10
Sunset RidersYou score with a barmaid AND earn money for doing so? I want to be a Sunset Rider!05/30/149/10
Super Hang-OnGood, though you may want to 'Hang On' to the Mega Drive version instead.10/31/137/10
The SimpsonsKill my boss? Do I dare live out the American dream?01/14/148/10
Time CrisisAction! Danger! Reload!07/07/147/10
Time Crisis 4No - no! Get away from me with those damn Terror Bites!09/15/148/10
Time Crisis IIMore players, more fun!07/30/148/10
ZaxxonA great and unique shooter for the time, but now starting to show its age.01/14/136/10

Atari 2600


After Burner IIGet ready...08/30/136/10
Alien StormEat laser whip, alien scum!02/01/138/10
Batman"I'M BATMAAAN."02/07/137/10
Castle of IllusionOnce upon a mouse...02/12/138/10
Columns'Game of the gods'...not quite, but still...07/30/138/10
FIFA International SoccerA decent game to 'kick off' the FIFA series.09/12/137/10
Golden AxeHack, slash, and slice your way to victory!12/10/128/10
Gunstar HeroesLightning + Chaser rules all.06/06/1410/10
Mighty Morphin Power RangersDragonzord!07/08/135/10
Mighty Morphin Power Rangers: The MovieTigerzord!08/29/137/10
Mortal Kombat“It has begun.”12/03/136/10
Sonic the HedgehogIf you like it, you shoulda put a ring on it.04/02/139/10
Sonic the Hedgehog 2Going to make a Super Sonic man outta you.08/15/1310/10
Sonic the Hedgehog 3Three is not quite the magic number.01/23/148/10
Streets of RageLet's go clean some city.01/17/138/10
Streets of Rage IIMore streets, more rage.06/06/149/10
Super Hang-OnOn a Winning Run...05/21/138/10
Super Monaco GPPass the cars at the hairpin turn!05/05/147/10
Super Thunder BladeSimple, fun, challenging, though short lived...01/23/146/10
The Revenge of ShinobiBe the ninja master.01/23/149/10
The TerminatorYou'll be saying anything but 'I'll be back' when you're through with this game!02/13/135/10
Triple Score: 3 Games in 1Three games, three genres, one great cartridge.08/13/148/10
World Championship SoccerCatch me if you can, 'cos I'm the England man, and what you're lookin' at is the master plan...06/10/137/10
World Trophy SoccerOne of my favourite Mega Drive footy games!03/18/138/10


10-Yard Fight10-Yard Flop.04/16/134/10
Adventure IslandA fun and solid NES platformer with typical high challenge.03/05/138/10
Baseball Stars8-bit baseball at its finest!05/30/148/10
Batman: The Video Game“WHEEEERE IS HEEEEE??!!”04/16/136/10
Bubble BobbleI’m forever blowing bubbles...04/16/1310/10
CastlevaniaIs the first in the series the most flawed?01/22/135/10
Castlevania II: Simon's QuestIs this game worth 'prossessing'?02/07/147/10
Contra (1987)Macho, manly, full of thrills and excitement. But enough about me.04/18/139/10
David Crane's A Boy and His Blob: Trouble on BloboloniaA puzzling, yet intriguing and very unique game from Absolute Entertainment.03/05/136/10
Disney's DuckTalesMight solve a mystery...or rewrite history...05/03/139/10
Donkey KongHow high can you get?12/07/127/10
Donkey Kong Jr.Mario's gone mad!12/10/127/10
Donkey Kong Jr. MathSigh...was this REALLY necessary, Nintendo?04/16/133/10
Double DragonBefore Streets of Rage...03/04/147/10
Duck HuntQuack... quack... *BANG*... *BANG*... (Thud)... (Thud)...01/17/137/10
GradiusSolid horizontal shmup that makes the grade[-ius].10/31/137/10
Hogan's AlleyThis is one alley you won't catch me walking down too often.07/01/135/10
Ice ClimberThey climb up, but your interest probably won't.06/20/146/10
Ice HockeySo simple, yet so enjoyable.05/05/148/10
Kung FuGetting my kicks...04/22/136/10
Life ForceMore old-school shooting goodness.11/07/139/10
Mario Bros.Not quite 'super', but a decent game nonetheless.12/20/126/10
Nintendo World CupThe finest offering of football in 8-bit form? Possibly.05/20/138/10
Pac-ManEat 2 Win.11/07/138/10
PopeyeClassic arcade action featuring the king of spinach!03/28/136/10
SoccerIt's the Paul Gascoigne of video games - good back in the day, but sadly hasn't aged too well.05/05/144/10
Super Mario Bros.Gaming, thy name is Mario.11/27/1210/10
Super Mario Bros. / Duck HuntStomp turtles...shoot better way to start off your NES collection!01/28/1310/10
Super Mario Bros. / Tetris / Nintendo World CupGet your fix of turtle stomping, block dropping and goal scoring, all for the price of one NES cartridge!07/15/1310/10
Super Mario Bros. 2Change isn't always a bad thing.02/01/1310/10
Super Mario Bros. 3NES perfection.02/20/1310/10
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles (1989)Not quite a ‘Cowa-blunder’, but there was room for improvement...04/18/136/10
TetrisIn Soviet Russia, Tetris plays you!05/15/138/10
The Legend of ZeldaThe stuff of NES masterpiece.02/20/1310/10
The Three Stooges“I'm tryin' to think, but nothin' happens!”05/30/146/10
YoshiEgg sandwiches.07/17/136/10
Zelda II: The Adventure of LinkLove it or hate it...05/05/149/10