Arcade Games


10-Yard FightMy midgets can beat your midgets any day!03/18/023/10
Advanced Dungeons & Dragons: Heroes of the LanceNot as bad as I thought....03/04/023/10
AmagonIt could've been better.01/03/025/10
AthenaThe Gods have punished me!02/12/022/10
Bad Street BrawlerThe title perfectly describes itself.04/10/023/10
BeetlejuiceGet a new life, Beetlejuice!02/01/022/10
Bokosuka WarsIs my IQ lower yet?05/03/032/10
Caveman GamesThe origin of the word "Ugh".02/28/022/10
City ConnectionOh no! The police sent out their.....flag-holding cats?03/18/024/10
Dudes With AttitudeI can't believe so many people overlook this game.11/26/018/10
Elevator Action*Squish!*03/08/027/10
Fisher Price: Firehouse RescueI'd rather make 'em jump out the window.01/29/044/10
Home AloneLike a face-slapping, blood-curdling scream.04/18/024/10
JawsIt's not bad, but it's not good either.04/01/026/10
Journey to SiliusHow in God's name did this get obscure?08/05/049/10
Kung-Fu HeroesThis game isn't as crappy as everyone says it is.12/11/018/10
M.U.S.C.L.E.The wrong letters were used for this title...08/18/023/10
MonopolyProperty! Rent! Bankrupcy! Aargh! *%*$#!!!!!12/15/019/10
Monster PartyWeird, but kind of boring.01/01/026/10
Operation WolfOh, shoot! *BANG!!*12/17/018/10
Paperboy[Beware of Everything!]12/29/018/10
Rad Racket: Deluxe Tennis IIThat dirty rat!!01/28/028/10
SpelunkerNews Report: Spelunker falls 90 micrometers to his death05/31/023/10
Tag Team WrestlingI'm gonna show off my cool moves, boy! All three frames of 'em!01/25/022/10
The Adventures of Bayou Billy"Ha ha ha ha!!"01/19/029/10
Thunder & LightningScrew Arkanoid! This game does it better!03/23/0210/10
UninvitedI think I have a stain on my pants...01/22/029/10
Wally Bear and the NO! GangRule #1: Do not make an anti-drug game when you are on them yourself.12/07/033/10
Where's Waldo?Don't aim for the trash can yet...01/02/023/10
Winter GamesAnother reason why I don't like the winter.12/05/033/10
WWF WrestleManiaThe first! The fun! The...umm....something!!01/19/027/10
WWF Wrestlemania: Steel Cage ChallengeWell, I've played better games than this...12/10/013/10