PlayStation 2

Street Fighter Alpha AnthologyShadaloo Mode06/21/06

PlayStation 3

Mirror's Edge (2008)Hard Mode01/12/09
Mirror's Edge (2008)Time Trial Stages01/20/09
Mirror's Edge (2008)Unlock Speed runs01/06/09
Penny Arcade Adventures: Episode TwoInsane Mode02/05/09
Soldner-X 2: Final PrototypeUnlock the Third Ship05/27/10
The Punisher: No MercyActive Mods07/08/09
The Punisher: No MercyCharacters07/08/09
The Punisher: No MercyCostumes07/08/09
The Punisher: No MercyPassive Mods07/08/09
The Punisher: No MercyWeapons07/08/09
Wolfenstein 3DTrophies06/05/09