Team Fortress 2Demo Achievements - Demo Update01/12/11
Team Fortress 2Halloween #2 Achievements01/12/11
Team Fortress 2Sniper Achievements - Sniper Update01/12/11
Team Fortress 2Soldier Achievements - Soldier Update01/12/11
Team Fortress 2Spy Achievements - Spy Update01/12/11
Team Fortress 2The Replay Update Achievements05/09/11


Devil May Cry 4Full Ending07/25/08
Devil May Cry 4Super Costumes07/25/08
Devil May Cry 4Unlock Bloody Palace07/25/08
Devil May Cry 4Unlockable Artwork07/25/08
Need for Speed: UndergroundSlower Enemies08/16/04
Stronghold"Merry Christmas, my liege"01/04/05
StrongholdClean Burnt Land05/11/05
Tom Clancy's Splinter CellSecret Room in Training09/15/03


God of War: Ghost of SpartaUnlockable Costumes11/05/10
God of War: Ghost of SpartaUnlockable Modes11/05/10