Andretti RacingLacks The Polish To Race With The Big Boys09/20/027/10
Broken Sword: The Shadow of the TemplarsA Gripping Plot Drags The Point And Click Genre Kicking And Screaming Into The Present09/19/028/10
Builder's BlockThe Most Frantic Puzzler In Years!07/19/029/10
Bust A GrooveDance Your Way Through Eurovision Addiction As A Mouse?!?!10/18/0310/10
Crash BashCrash Bashed Down To Earth When Someone Stole His Mini-Games11/10/027/10
Dance Dance Revolution Disney MixPossibly The Best Dancing Game Around07/18/029/10
Destruction DerbyCrash Bang Wallop Is More Fun Than Ever!07/21/028/10
Destruction Derby 2Put On Your Seatbelt, This One Goes All The Way Over!09/19/029/10
Devil DiceA Devilish Challenge You Will Love06/06/0310/10
Formula 1The Gaming Equivilent Of 1995's Mika Hakkinen - The Potential Is Halted By A Few Huge Flaws... Like An Engine Blow Up!11/09/028/10
Fox Sports Golf '99Just About On Par08/01/026/10 Micro Maniacs RacingFun On Foot As Mico Machines Is Stripped Bare!06/06/0310/10
Grand Theft AutoFantastic While The Novelty Lasts08/01/026/10
Incredible CrisisReal Fun With All The Family!07/21/028/10
Live Wire!Live Wire's Lunacy Will Have Your Eyes Bleeding10/07/0310/10
Marble MasterThe Most Puzzling Puzzler In Puzzleville08/18/026/10
Micro Machines V3World Class Polish On A World Class Game08/01/029/10
Motor Toon Grand PrixThe Cutsey Racer That Introduced A Little Depth To The Genre...08/18/027/10
Olympic Summer Games: Atlanta 1996Flawed From The Starting Blocks To The Finish Line08/02/025/10
Popstar MakersSimon Cowell Would Can Canned It In The First Heat...10/07/034/10
Road RashIf It Ain't Broke, Don't Fix It! Shame, It's Ailing Though08/02/025/10
Superstar Dance Club: #1 Hits!!!Last In The Line When It Comes To Anything Redeeming...10/15/032/10
TekkenThe Start Of A Legend...07/21/028/10
Tekken 2Still A Classic...11/09/0210/10
The Weakest LinkA TV Tie-in Worth Getting?!?!?01/02/038/10
Theme HospitalThe NHS Would Never Pass The Tutorial Level...11/09/026/10
Theme ParkThe Rollercoaster Ride All Business Sim Lovers Have Been Waiting For08/04/028/10
Tomb RaiderAn Atmosphere All Of Its Own08/01/0210/10
Um Jammer LammyLeave It To Lammy, She Sweeps The Floor With This One!10/07/039/10
vib-ribbonAn absorbing treat for gameplay bemani lovers07/17/029/10
WormsMulti-Player Mayhem For Months On End08/02/028/10