Game Boy Advance

ThunderbirdsPasswords for all levels.09/07/04


Boogerman: A Pick and Flick AdventureCredits scrolling, let's have fun.01/06/02
CyberballPasswords for the L.A. Assassins.08/31/04
Desert Strike: Return to the GulfUnlock Jake Valdez for 3rd campaign.08/30/04
NHL HockeyChampionship Passwords08/31/04
NHL HockeyPlayoffs passwords01/13/04
Sword of SodanLevel Skip08/31/04


Ninja CommandoDouble the amount of continues.08/30/04


Roger Clemens' MVP BaseballMisc. Passwords08/30/04
Star Trek: 25th AnniversaryPlanet Passwords08/30/04


Krusty's Fun HouseLevel passwords01/04/05
The Simpsons: Hit & RunCheat codes.02/22/04


The Simpsons WrestlingStart Screen Codes07/05/01
The Simpsons WrestlingUnlock characters with codes.04/15/04

PlayStation 2

FuturamaButton codes for everything.09/29/03
The Simpsons SkateboardingCheat Codes11/27/02

Sega Master System

Jurassic ParkExtra health in the driving sequences.08/08/05

Super Nintendo

Alien 3Invincibility, unlimited weapons, and no damage codes.11/29/04
Mickey to Donald Magical Adventure 3Stage Passwords01/28/04
SimAntAccess all Scenarios.11/29/04
Super TennisEnter the Secret Exhibition Tournament08/30/04
Super TennisMisc. Codes05/27/01

Turbo CD

Valis IIIView animated cutscenes, sound test, and message test09/01/04


BombermanLevel Select01/11/03
Devil's CrushPassword Cheats04/07/02


Fight ClubCharacters11/24/04

Xbox 360

Call of JuarezExtra Missions07/02/07