Capcom vs. SNKThe warm-up of the millennium07/08/016/10
Capcom vs. SNK 2: Millionaire Fighting 2001Deeper than the pacific ocean. Nuff' said.09/28/019/10
ChuChu Rocket!And you thought Mickey's voice was annoying...11/29/013/10
Dead or Alive 2Bootylicious?07/30/016/10
DreamcastI'm afraid it's not thinking anymore, doctor...08/18/018/10
F355 Challenge"Way harder than my driving test!" or "The REAL driving simulator"07/15/018/10
Fatal Fury: Mark of the WolvesThe best fighter you've never heard of10/05/018/10
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Grandia IIGrand was the disappointment...09/15/016/10
Guilty Gear XIs it really a sin not to like this game?03/31/017/10
HeadhunterA blockbuster11/15/017/10
Jojo's Bizarre AdventureBillyKane's Bizarre Taste?07/19/015/10
Mars MatrixWritten by a non-shooter fan07/03/017/10
Marvel vs. Capcom 2No, thanks, my car is over there07/21/017/10
NBA 2K1This is as good as Carter's dunk on Freddy Weis! Okay, maybe not, but it is still damn good...06/27/019/10
Omikron: The Nomad SoulProof that ambition isn't necessarily a good thing in this world09/06/013/10
Phantasy Star OnlineACHTUNG: this review contains large amounts of boredomite and blandatron - Read at your own risk10/24/016/10
Power Stone 2A game for the sociable11/26/015/10
Project JusticeInteresting "Project" from Capcom?06/02/016/10
Record of Lodoss WarWhen Diablo meets Marmo08/15/017/10
Sega Rally Championship 2Alas, painful voyage to Dreamcastland for such a legendary title12/15/015/10
ShenmueMuch ado...12/06/014/10
Shenmue IIHarder, better, faster, stronger12/28/019/10
Silent ScopeShoot people for the sake of mankind!10/28/014/10
Sonic Adventure 2A great game with a few "dark" points...07/04/017/10
SoulCaliburThe naked truth07/19/019/10
Street Fighter III: 3rd StrikeCapcom strikes back!03/31/018/10
Street Fighter III: Double ImpactLooking back, a review based on a comparison with Third Strike06/30/017/10
The King of Fighters EvolutionEvolution or Revolution?03/27/017/10
The King of Fighters: Dream Match 1999Sweet dreams are made of these07/13/017/10
The Last Blade 2: Heart of the SamuraiThe best ambiance in a fighter EVER03/29/017/10
Toy RacerA challenge: don't read!12/29/011/10
Vampire ChronicleEver dreamed of killing Frankenstein with a chainsaw? Well, you're a weirdo, but here you go!07/06/017/10