Xbox 360

Bejeweled Blitz LiveBejeweled Blitz Live is only worth getting if you don't have Facebook and a decent computer, otherwise it's a bit of a ripoff.03/23/126/10
Final Fantasy XIIIOverall, Final Fantasy 13 is a great game with a complex yet rewarding storyline and an awesome battle system.01/06/129/10
I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MB1ES!!!1At 80 Microsoft Points, seriously, get this game or get a free trial, itís just something you have to experience if you have Xbox Live Gold.11/21/118/10
Left 4 Dead 2Never has a zombie apocalypse been so much fun!12/02/108/10
LIMBOA phenomenal experience, LIMBO creeps me out more than any game I've played in years.01/18/119/10
PegglePeggle fits in nicely with casual gamers but hardcore gamers, donít dismiss it so easily.12/14/108/10
Plants vs. ZombiesIf I were to make a ď50 Games to Play Before You DieĒ list, this would be towards the top.02/13/129/10
Portal 2Portal 2 is an incredible experience that tests your brain whilst being gut-wrenchingly funny at the same time.08/09/1110/10
Resident Evil 4 HDResident Evil 4 HD is the most complete version to date, of one of the best video games ever made. A true classic.10/18/1110/10
Sonic the Hedgehog 4: Episode ISonic 4: Episode I is a great, yet not spectacular sequel, 16 years overdue that should appeal enough to new and old fans alike.12/14/118/10
Sonic's Ultimate Genesis CollectionWith popular classics and a few hidden gems, the ďSega Mega Drive Ultimate CollectionĒ is as good a compilation of 40+ games youíll ever see.11/07/119/10
Super Meat BoyIf you donít lose your head over the difficulty, Super Meat Boy is an awesome homage to retro 2D platformers.02/29/128/10
Super Street Fighter IVSuper Street Fighter IV isnít a fancy new game with new modes. Itís exactly what it says on the tin, an absolutely brilliant fighting game.10/06/119/10
Tekken 6Tekken 6 is a great game. It truly is. But it could have been so much more.07/29/118/10