Game Boy

Dragon Ball Z: Goku GekitoudenStronger Character in 2P Battle mode (Super Game Boy only)09/14/05


Sonic Mega CollectionUnlockables04/26/03


Yuu Yuu HakushoSound Test01/03/06


Puyo PuyoSound Test (Alternate Method)09/14/05
Sonic the HedgehogConfig Mode (Japanese Version)01/23/06
Sonic the HedgehogLevel Select (Japanese Version)01/05/06
Sonic the HedgehogSlow Motion and other commands (Japanese Version)01/06/06


Famista '90Test Mode10/06/05
Famista '91Test Mode11/02/05
Tetris 2 + BomBlissUnlockables (Bombliss)03/31/03
TwinBee 3: Poko Poko Dai MaouSound Test12/23/05

Super Nintendo

Derby Stallion 96Sound Test & Reset Data10/24/05
Dragon Ball Z Super ButoudenWatch Mode10/05/06
Go Go Ackman 2Start at any level10/06/05
Go Go Ackman 3Level Select10/05/05
Mortal KombatStart with 10 Credits (Japanese version)10/24/05
Street Fighter II TurboJapanese version codes10/17/05
Super Batter UpView Player Data10/08/07
Super Fire ProWrestlingDifferent Referees09/14/05
Super Hockey '94See the Ending12/23/05