Bangai-O"Riki! Beat the Boss and Win! That's How You Play the Game!"04/25/119/10
bleemcast! Tekken 3Don't be fooled by other Reviews, this game is still, and always will be, AMAZING!01/26/069/10
Blue StingerNot the Best Survival Horror the Dreamcast has to Offer, but Its In the Top 3!12/08/088/10
Cool Cool ToonA Celebration of Music, Dancing and the Right to be Different07/02/149/10
Cosmic SmashWhat The Hell Is a Cosmic Bus?06/14/108/10
Crazy Taxi"Shut Up and Move Your Butt!"11/03/089/10
Crazy Taxi 2We're Back!!01/26/099/10
Dead or Alive 2Overrated, Visually Stunning Game.04/14/067/10
Dino CrisisI think We All Have Mad Skills When Playing This Game...11/02/108/10
DreamcastThis Console is Going to the Grave With Me... I'm Serious.07/20/0710/10
Dynamite Cop!Hehe This Game is Hilarious and Fun. Lacking Though...11/12/076/10
Evil Twin: Cyprien's ChroniclesA Delightful Romp Through Undabed.01/04/129/10
EvolutionA Fun and Interesting RPG01/30/138/10
Evolution 2Not Far Off Promise At All01/30/139/10
F355 ChallengeCan You Conquer Yu Suzuki's Favourite Car?01/29/159/10
Fighting Vipers 2Sure its No Original, but its Not Bad Either.10/13/087/10
Fur FightersIn A Word: Astounding.10/31/0610/10
Grandia IICynical, Is Best.06/24/109/10
HeadhunterLovely and Epic, Headhunter is Awesome!07/23/0810/10
Hydro ThunderRush 2049 Lite... On Water?01/20/157/10
Jet Grind RadioA Fantastic Experience! Radioooooooo!!!!07/24/089/10
MDK2In A Word: Incredible11/12/0710/10
Metropolis Street RacerThe Big, Bizarre Game That Could... And Did!03/25/109/10
Mortal Kombat GoldA Decent Offering From the Good Folks at Midway...05/07/076/10
Omikron: The Nomad SoulThere's Something In the Air...06/24/108/10
Ooga BoogaFatty In the House!02/09/099/10
Power Stone 2"Alright! Make Your Way to the Top and Climb Yourself to Victory!"03/02/0910/10
Project JusticeThe Most Underrated Capcom Game- Hell Fighter Ever Made. This Game is Gold!09/01/0610/10
Propeller ArenaBite The Hand That Feeds!!!!!!04/01/099/10
Rent-A-Hero No. 1Lent A Heeeeeroooooooooooooooooooooo!01/04/129/10
Resident Evil 2Resident, Upheaveal!!!!!... ... ... 2!!!!06/12/099/10
Resident Evil 3: Nemesis"S.T.A.R.S."!06/29/099/10
Resident Evil Code: VeronicaFor My First RE Game, I'm Enthralled!10/27/089/10
San Francisco Rush 2049Doesn't Give me as Much of a RUSH as the Second Game of the Series, but gets the Job Done.04/30/069/10
Sega Bass FishingA Good Start to the Series, But Not Up to Snuff.04/30/107/10
Sega Bass Fishing 2Fishing Sim Perfection.01/07/1310/10
Sega GTExcellent Racer, One of the Dreamcast's Best!02/17/098/10
Sega Marine FishingNow THIS Is a Fishing Game!04/30/109/10
SegagagaPhenomenal Idea, Executed to Perfection (Well, Almost!)01/04/1210/10
ShenmueIn a Word: Epic.02/04/0810/10
Shenmue IIAfter Playing This Game, the Original Seems Like Child's Play...11/03/0810/10
Skies of Arcadia"Come On! Dance For Me!"06/01/1010/10
Sonic AdventureA VERY Good Game. People Who Dismiss it Have Zero Taste... Just Like Robotnik.05/07/079/10
Sonic Adventure 2After 4 Years and Over 20 Hours, This Game was Finally Beaten... And Its A DAMN Good Game!04/25/1110/10
SoulCaliburOne of the Best Games Ever Made. Period.03/20/0610/10
Speed DevilsSupremely Underrated01/26/158/10
Suzuki Alstare Extreme RacingI Didn't Know A Motorcycle Can Climb Mountains...01/30/157/10
Sword of the Berserk: Guts' RageA Short, but Fantastic Game Nonetheless.10/06/088/10
Tennis 2K2Sega Makes the Best Tennis Games. This Game is no Exception. This Game is the Rule.05/14/0610/10
Test Drive Le MansAre You Up To The Challenge?01/30/159/10
The House of the Dead 2Nobody Shall Suffer Like G Did, For Sir Gold has Given Them a Second Chance01/12/099/10
The Typing of the DeadJust as Good As HOD2. More Fun Though!01/20/099/10
Time StalkersYou'd Think This Game to Be Generic with a Protagonist Named Sword. You'd Also Be Wrong.02/18/148/10
Tokyo Xtreme RacerAmazing Racer, Outdone on This System by Only Its Sequel, and MSR.05/07/0710/10
Tokyo Xtreme Racer 2Easily the Best Racer on the Dreamcast... the Best Sim Anyway...04/29/0810/10
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater...Neutrons, Protons Combining to Form Atoms, and Molecules, and Compounds and Cells, Tissues and Organs... Great Song for an Amazing Game.05/03/069/10
Ultimate Fighting ChampionshipThe Sport is Stupid, Boring, Garbage, and Overrated. This Game, is Not.04/13/098/10
Virtua Fighter 3tbThe Twirl 'n Hurl is Easier to Execute Now? Hells Ya!07/24/0610/10
Wacky RacesHeeheeheehee!!!01/30/159/10
What's ShenmueShort, but ULTRA Sweet!08/23/119/10


Alex Kidd in the Enchanted CastleFor $150.00 Canadian, it was worth it.04/24/069/10
Altered BeastOOF! OOF! AUUUGHHHHHHHAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!01/26/096/10
Arnold Palmer Tournament GolfHey, If You Ever Get Bored, You Can Always Play Fantasy Zone!02/09/099/10
Blades of VengeanceOne of the Greatest (Unknown, and Underrated) Beat-'Em-Up/Platformers Ever Made07/19/0710/10
Bonanza Bros.I'm Mobo, Who the Hell Are You?! I'm Robo, Who the Hell Are You?!01/07/138/10
ColumnsA Bog Standard Puzzler That's Actually Damn Good08/22/148/10
Combat CarsRay Shades is the Man!06/24/107/10
Cool SpotI Want a Bird... Wait, There Aren't Any Birds in Cool Spot!02/18/148/10
Cyborg JusticeThe Supreme Robot Game Ever to be Made?05/05/069/10
Davis Cup TennisYet Again, Sega is the King of Tennis Games (Even Though They Had Nothing to do With This Game...)01/05/099/10
Desert Strike: Return to the GulfYou Thought Desert Storm was Over? Guess You Never Met General Kilbaba...05/21/0610/10
Dodge DanpeiTHE Most Fun Dodgeball Game You Will Ever Play02/26/0710/10
El VientoAn Unknown and Underrated Masterpiece06/23/149/10
Flashback: The Quest for IdentityRocky the Racoon Said it Best...02/18/149/10
FlickyThe Bikini Girl Eludes Me Every Time...08/03/096/10
Forgotten WorldsA Solid, Solid Game10/27/087/10
Ghouls 'n GhostsWhat Kind of a Name is the Princess of Mus (or Hus)? Almost as Bad as the Goodess of Evil. Yeah, You Read That Right...11/05/088/10
Golden AxeOne of the Best Beat-Em-Ups Ever.04/17/069/10
Gunstar HeroesWow! What a Game!05/29/099/10
Jungle StrikeKilbaba is Dead, but His Son is Seeking Revenge, and This Time, He has a Little Friend.05/21/0610/10
Madden NFL 98The Best 16 Bit Football Game, Bar None.05/29/099/10
Magical * Taruruuto-kunA Lovely Gem That Any Platforming Fan Would Love to Play06/23/149/10
Marvel LandTediousness and Frustration Belie a Solid and Fun Platformer06/23/148/10
Michael Jackson's MoonwalkerOooooooooh!12/11/098/10
Mortal KombatThe Game that Started the Legacy.04/03/067/10
Mortal Kombat 3This is why the I love the series. Non-stop fighting action!03/20/069/10
Mortal Kombat IIStunning gameplay and graphics = near perfection!03/20/069/10
NBA Jam Tournament Edition(Bounce)...(Bounce)...(Bounce)... OH MY HE'S ON FIRE!!!!!09/25/069/10
Phantasy Star IIThe Series' First Foray on the Genesis Is a Step Back From The First Title10/21/148/10
Phantasy Star III: Generations of DoomRefreshing!10/23/149/10
Phantasy Star IVOnly Lunar: Eternal Blue Stands In It's Way as the Best 16-bit RPG on a Sega Console10/25/1410/10
Pier Solar and the Great Architects"There Once Was a Man Who Tried to Fool Us... ... That Man is Dead Now."04/23/1210/10
Primal RageThe Nastiest Game ever made.04/24/068/10
RistarI Want a Bird That Conducts Music, Wears Shades and Busts a Move...02/18/1410/10
Rocket Knight AdventuresOne of the Greatest Sega Heroes Ever Stars in One of the Best Sega Games Ever.05/07/0610/10
Saturday Night Slam Masters"Once I grab ya... You're going for a ride!"05/07/078/10
Shadow of the Beast IIRandomness at Its Finest!01/26/097/10
Shaq-FuThis is a Fine Tournament Fighter, Contrary to What Others Say.05/21/068/10
Sonic & KnucklesBasically, 3's Equal, With a Few Slight Downgrades...08/03/099/10
Sonic 3D BlastA Mediocre Effort From Sonic Team and Traveller's Tales08/03/097/10
Sonic the HedgehogThe Game That Proved To All That Nintendo Was Only Second Best08/03/099/10
Sonic the Hedgehog 2Too Similar to the First Game... But Its Still Good!08/03/099/10
Sonic the Hedgehog 3The Quintessential Sonic the Hedgehog Game... And Along With Knuckles, The Best!08/03/0910/10
Spider-Man & Venom: Maximum CarnageAn Excellent Game for Fans or Non-Fans of Comics.01/05/078/10
Super Hang-OnTakeshi Onda Doesn't Mince His Words!02/17/099/10
Test Drive II: The DuelSuper Fun, But, Ultimately, "Meh," Game11/03/087/10
The Great Waldo SearchI'm Really Sorry Waldo...05/04/063/10
The Incredible HulkErugh! Much Better Than Most Give it Credit. Was it Too Hard for You?05/06/097/10
The New Zealand StoryFrustrating. All There is to It. But Wait, There's More!06/23/148/10
Thunder Force IIIt's My Birthday, and I'll Review if I Want To!!06/12/097/10
Toki: Going Ape SpitReverse Encino Man...ish06/23/147/10
Tommy Lasorda BaseballA Massively Underrated Baseball Game, That Should Get More Credit.09/18/067/10
Toughman Contest"I'm Gonna Kick Your Ass!!"04/13/097/10
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3The Best, "Fourth Generation Console," Version of MK.04/10/0610/10
Urban StrikeA Bizarre Twist in the Story Kicks Off Another Dynamite Strike08/08/068/10
Vectorman"Whoa!" "'Roast Em!" "Ha-ha!" "I'm Rockin'!"07/24/089/10
WeaponLordNever Heard of This Game? Neither Did I...02/26/079/10
WWF Super WrestlemaniaThe First Sculptured Wrestling Game Lands Decently on the Genesis.05/29/097/10
Zany GolfThat Bloody Knockout Nightmare...12/08/087/10

iOS (iPhone/iPad)


Albert Odyssey: Legend of EldeanWith Names Like (Chris) Amon, Chad (Fox), (Tony) Pike, and Guy (Lafleur), You'd Think This Was a Sports Game...10/13/118/10
All Japan Pro Wrestling Featuring VirtuaA Great Wrestling Game (and My First Import Too)06/27/078/10
AstalI Want a Bird That Follows Me Everywhere...02/18/149/10
Daytona USADo Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Do Doooooooo...05/07/076/10
Dead or AliveA Great Start to the Series11/03/088/10
Fighters MegamixThe Saturn's Best Fighter Along With Virtua Fighter 2. Another Game That is Gold.11/12/0710/10
Fighting VipersAnother Excellent Fighter, But Not as Good As Virtua Fighter 2.07/30/079/10
Final Fight RevengeOn Second Thought, This Game Is Very Good11/03/088/10
Goiken Muyou: Anarchy in the NipponA Surprisingly Amazing Fighter08/17/079/10
Golden Axe: The DuelMassively Underrated (and Fun) Game02/26/078/10
Guardian HeroesYup, As Close As Perfection Can Be...05/29/0910/10
Keriotosse!Power Stone Ultra-Lite04/25/119/10
Last BronxVirtua Blade... Yeah You Read That Right!05/14/079/10
Magic Knight RayearthCaught Between a Clamp and a Working Design...05/20/1110/10
Mahou Gakuen Lunar!An Unknown and Underrated Masterpiece.05/20/119/10
Manx TT Super Bike(In Freaky Cool Japanese Voice) SEGA!!!!!!!! MANX TT SUPERBIKE!!!!!04/24/068/10
Mortal Kombat TrilogyThe Best Sega Console MK, and Aside From Load Times, One of the Best MK's Ever.10/23/0610/10
Nekketsu OyakoA Smooth, Humourous, and Fun Beat-'Em-Up07/12/078/10
Panzer DragoonLagi's Debut is a Good One Indeed.08/20/098/10
Panzer Dragoon II ZweiThank God For Lundi...08/20/099/10
Panzer Dragoon SagaA Timeless and Epic Masterpiece. Yes, These Big Words are Accurate!08/20/0910/10
Resident EvilResident, Upheaveal!!!!!06/02/098/10
SaturnIts 100th Review Time! That Means a Console, and A Good One at That!05/06/099/10
Soviet StrikeThe Second Best in the Series, a Truly Awesome, Amazing Game.10/30/0610/10
Virtua Cop"Don't Shoot Me... AAAAHHHHHH!!!"11/03/087/10
Virtua FighterNot Good. Not Bad04/30/066/10
Virtua Fighter 2The Best Saturn Fighter, Disagree, and You Will Get a Twirl 'n Hurl!04/17/0610/10
Virtua Fighter KidsLooks Like Duke Nukem has Been Around the Virtua Fighter World, but He's Missed Some Heads...06/28/078/10
Virtua Fighter RemixA Nice Upgrade From a Fun and Ugly Game.10/02/068/10