Atari 2600

CombatGlitch: Teleporting Shot05/03/02
Sky SkipperGet extra points and refuel your plane05/31/01


The House of the Dead 2Unlockables04/28/02
Tom Clancy's Rainbow SixEnter these codes during gameplay and enter all buttons at the same time03/19/02
Xtreme SportsHidden ATV Course04/30/02
Zombie RevengeBlood Color Option04/28/02
Zombie RevengeLevel Select04/28/02

Game Boy Advance

F-Zero: Maximum VelocityAccess Password Screen04/24/02


Garry Kitchen's Battle TankMove around faster06/17/01

Nintendo 64

Asteroids Hyper 64Unlockables10/22/02
Banjo-KazooieTreasure Trove Sandcastle Cheats01/28/01
CastlevaniaFight Renon04/23/02
Duke Nukem: Zero HourRegain Health04/23/02
Mario GolfCheer for your opponent04/23/02
Mario GolfPasswords04/23/02
Mario GolfTaunt Your Opponent04/23/02
Mario Party 2Taunt04/23/02
Olympic Hockey 98Choose Opposing Team01/11/03
Olympic Hockey 98More Options01/11/03
Xena: Warrior Princess - The Talisman of FateFight Codes03/16/02


Doom IICheat Codes07/06/01
Star Wars: Dark ForcesCheat Codes04/01/01
X-Men: The Ravages of ApocalypseCheat Codes04/30/02
Zone RaidersCodes04/28/02
Zoo Tycoon (2001)Exhibit codes10/20/01


Lucky LukeMisc. Passwords11/28/01


Black DawnLevel Select04/27/02
Ghen WarAll Weapons/Unlimited Ammo/Invulnerability04/27/02
Soviet StrikeCheat Passwords05/02/02
The House of the DeadCodes04/24/02
Theme ParkCodes05/02/02
Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3Codes05/02/02
Virtua Fighter 2Codes05/02/02
Warcraft II: The Dark SagaPasswords05/01/02

Sega Master System

Aztec AdventureLevel Select05/03/02
Aztec AdventureSound Test05/03/02