Blue StingerAn Over-dramatic Masterpiece.11/13/088/10
ChuChu Rocket!Who cares about Tom and Jerry? I prefer Chu Chu and Kapu Kapu.09/08/098/10
Dead or Alive 2Dead or Alive isn't just a gorgeous fighter, it's also one of the best.03/31/099/10
EvolutionJust your staple RPG, but very addictive and unusually mood pleasing.03/30/098/10
Fighting Vipers 2Fighting Vipers 2 hasn't been improved upon the Saturn original.03/31/094/10
Gunbird 2Gunbird 2 is the Shortest Game I Have Ever Played.04/15/094/10
Metropolis Street RacerGreat Gameplay? Affirmative. Great Visuals? Yes. Great Soundtrack? Definitely. Huge in size? Does 262 Tracks Sound Huge to You?02/20/098/10
Power Stone 2Fast, Furious and Full of Fantastic Four-way Fighting. Power Stone 2 is King.01/30/099/10
Re-VoltRe-Volt isn't just the king of RC Racers, but also a formidable racing title amongst the greats such as Project Gotham and Gran Turismo.05/18/098/10
Resident Evil 2Two short stories revolve around one infested town, that interweave really well.03/23/097/10
Shadow ManShadow Man is probably the most unappreciated title in existance. I think this game is tremendous.04/03/099/10
ShenmueA Masterpiece that the Masses have Forgotten11/21/089/10
Shenmue IIShenmue 2 is the Perfect example of how a Second Game in a Series Should be Made.05/21/0910/10
SilverSilver is Silver, but not quite Gold.03/31/097/10
Skies of ArcadiaSkies of Arcadia or Final Fantasy???? I choose Skies of Arcadia.12/11/089/10
Sonic Adventure3D Sonic works very well.04/03/097/10
Sonic Adventure 2Sonic Adventure 2 is, without a doubt, the best Sonic game in existence.03/23/099/10
Street Fighter Alpha 32D Beat 'em' Ups at Their Best.03/25/098/10
Time StalkersPlenty of interesting concepts that were poorly executed.06/09/106/10
TrickStyleI've played a lot of great Dreamcasy games. It's a shame that this isn't one of them.03/31/093/10

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