The Need for SpeedBlack Ice code10/29/01
The Need for SpeedDriving Team Picture10/29/01
The Need for SpeedNitro Charging Boost10/29/01

Arcade Games

Bubble BobbleCheats03/03/02
Bubble BobbleSecret Tomb03/03/02
Bubble BobbleSecret Warp03/03/02
Crystal CastlesSecret Warp03/03/02
Crystal CastlesSee the Designer's credit03/03/02
Crystal CastlesSee the word ATARI03/03/02
Crystal CastlesWarp to Level 303/03/02
FroggerControl the frog during the demo03/04/02
Ghosts 'n GoblinsTurn into a Frog03/04/02
JourneySee the programmers03/04/02
OutRunSee the Credit Message03/03/02
Space Invaders Deluxe1,000 point bonus03/04/02

Atari 2600

AdventureWalk Over the Title Screen02/04/02
Adventures of TronSee the Programmer's Credit02/04/02
BasketballControl the Computer02/04/02
Canyon BomberControl the game with the joysticks02/04/02
CasinoEasy Win02/04/02
CombatGlitch: Super Shot02/04/02
CombatGlitch: Tank Switch10/28/01
CombatTurbo Tank02/04/02
DefenderSee the programmer's credit01/28/02
G.I. Joe: Cobra StrikeSee the Programmer Credits02/04/02
GalaxianFast Shots02/04/02
Jr. Pac-ManSkip the intros02/25/02
Kaboom!Surprise the bomber01/28/02
Missile CommandGlitch: Missiles that won't stop05/16/02
Missile CommandSee the Programmer's Credit01/28/02
Ms. Pac-ManGlitch: Make The Ghosts Disappear01/28/02
Q*bertJump through the snake01/28/02
Space InvadersDouble Shots02/04/02
StampedeGet steer heads to represent the score02/04/02
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackInvincibility02/04/02
Video OlympicsGlitch: Make the ball go through the paddle in basketball10/30/01
Video PinballDemonstration Mode01/28/02
Video PinballManually control the ball01/28/02
Yars' RevengeSee the programmer's credit02/04/02

Atari 5200

Miner 2049erArea Select02/28/02
Miner 2049erInfinite Lives02/28/02

Atari 7800

Dig DugContinue gameplay02/28/02
Scrapyard DogChange the background music02/28/02
Tower TopplerLevel Select02/28/02


AeroWings 2: Air StrikeCodes03/18/01
AeroWings 2: Air StrikeSpecial Options01/20/02

Game Boy

Amazing PenguinRoom Passwords02/10/02
Amazing TaterPassword for Floor 301/22/02
Atomic PunkPassword for Stage 5001/22/02
Battletoads in Ragnarok's WorldFive Extra Lives01/22/02
Blades of SteelSound Test01/22/02
Boomer's Adventure in Asmik WorldPasswords10/29/01
Boxxle 2Passwords01/22/02
Disney's The Jungle BookAccess Cheat Menu01/22/02
DragonHeart: Fire & SteelPasswords01/22/02
Fist of the North StarPasswords01/22/02
Gargoyle's QuestLevel Passwords06/27/01
GodzillaSound Test01/22/02
Judge DreddCodes01/22/02
Lock 'n' ChaseExtra Mode10/29/01
Q*bertSecret Movie10/29/01
QixDisable Sound02/11/02
Sumo FighterLevel Passwords04/13/02
Super Mario LandExpert Mode02/11/02
Super Mario LandStage Select02/11/02
Tetris BlastLevel 2 Password02/15/02

Game Boy Color

Blaster Master: Enemy BelowLevel Passwords01/22/02
Midway presents Arcade Hits: Moon Patrol / Spy HunterCheat Codes01/22/02


Batman & RobinCodes06/20/01
Mortal Kombat TrilogyHidden characters02/27/02
Sonic JamCodes02/27/02
The Lost World: Jurassic ParkPasswords02/27/02
Wheel of FortuneMore time for the bonus round02/27/02
Williams Arcade ClassicsGod Mode in Robotron02/27/02


Batman ReturnsSound Test02/15/02
Beavis and Butt-headControl the Ending Screen02/28/02
Beavis and Butt-headLevel Passwords02/28/02
Defenders of OasisSound Test02/15/02
Disney's AladdinLevel Passwords and Invincibility10/13/02
Ecco: The Tides of TimeAccess the Cheat Menu02/15/02
Fantasy ZoneCheat Menu02/15/02
Krusty's Fun HouseLevel Passwords02/15/02
Krusty's Fun HouseStart the game with all doors unlocked02/15/02
Mortal KombatAccess the Arcade Mode10/27/01
Streets of RageLevel Select/Invincibility02/15/02
Virtua Fighter AnimationBoss Code02/15/02


After Burner IICheat Codes04/15/03
Arcus OdysseyBead Passwords03/26/02
Arcus OdysseyDiana Passwords03/26/02
Arcus OdysseyErin Passwords03/26/02
Arcus OdysseyJedda Passwords03/25/02
Arnold Palmer Tournament GolfName codes01/28/02
Arrow FlashInvincibility01/28/02
Asterix and the Great RescueLevel Passwords01/28/02
Boogerman: A Pick and Flick AdventureLevel and boss passwords10/28/01
Bubsy IICodes06/20/01
Bulls vs Lakers and the NBA PlayoffsEnding Ceremonies Password02/15/02
Bulls vs Lakers and the NBA PlayoffsPassword for Last Round, Chicago Bulls vs. Utah Jazz02/15/02
CyberballSan Francisco Hitmen passwords01/28/02
CyberballView the ending for the Chicago Killers01/28/02
CyberballWatch the Ending01/28/02
Desert Strike: Return to the GulfStart with 5 lives10/28/01
Desert Strike: Return to the GulfUnlimited Fuel02/21/02
Disney's The Jungle BookActivate the Debug Menu10/28/01
Disney's The Jungle BookBegin right next to Baloo the bear10/28/01
Disney's The Jungle BookChange the color of the screen10/28/01
Disney's The Jungle BookGo to King Louie10/28/01
Disney's The Jungle BookGo to the Witch Doctor Monkeys10/28/01
Disney's The Jungle BookStart next to Kaa the snake10/28/01
Disney's The Jungle BookView the ending10/28/01
Dragon's RevengePasswords01/28/02
Dune: The Battle for ArrakisAtreides Password02/12/02
Dune: The Battle for ArrakisHarkonnen Passwords02/12/02
Dune: The Battle for ArrakisOrdos Passwords02/12/02
Earthworm JimExtra Life10/28/01
Earthworm JimRefill the plasma gun10/28/01
Earthworm Jim 2Cheat Codes03/30/02
Ecco the DolphinEnable the Super Cheat Menu10/28/01
Ecco the DolphinInvincibility10/28/01
Gunstar HeroesMake the logo rotate10/28/01
Hardball!Fat Pitch01/28/02
James Pond II: Codename: RobocodPower-Up code02/12/02
James Pond II: Codename: RobocodUnlimited Lives02/12/02
James Pond: Underwater AgentOpen Exit Door02/12/02
John Madden FootballPasswords02/12/02
Jordan vs BirdExtra Time02/12/02
MercsFaster and Smarter Enemies01/28/02
Micro MachinesTitle Screen Codes02/15/02
Midnight ResistanceLevel Skip02/15/02
Mutant League FootballKill the referee01/28/02
OutRunExtra Options02/15/02
Pac-Man 2: The New AdventuresPasswords10/27/01
PowerballExtra Teams02/15/02
PowerballSound Test02/15/02
Rocket Knight AdventuresMake Your Very Own Demo10/27/01
Streets of Rage 3Another way to get Roo10/28/01
Streets of Rage 3Get Roo10/28/01
Taz-ManiaLevel Skip02/15/02
Taz-ManiaMega cheats10/28/01
ToeJam & EarlFree Presents02/15/02
Virtua RacingTurn the tracks backward10/28/01
Zombies Ate My NeighborsLevel Passwords03/31/01


Advanced Dungeons & DragonsPause Game02/27/02
Chip Shot Super Pro GolfSecret Message from the Programmer02/27/02
Chip Shot Super Pro GolfView Credits02/27/02
Night StalkerCodes02/27/02
Night StalkerRun and Shoot Simultaneously02/27/02
Sewer SamNo Shirt02/27/02
Tower of DoomView Credits02/27/02
Tron Deadly DiscsShoot and Move Simultaneously02/27/02


Blue LightningLevel Passwords02/27/02
Desert Strike: Return to the GulfLevel Passwords02/27/02
Ms. Pac-ManCheat Codes10/06/02

NeoGeo Pocket Color

Fatal Fury: First ContactCharacters02/27/02


Adventure IslandSee the next boss ahead of time02/25/02
Adventures of LoloLevel Passwords02/25/02
After BurnerInfinite Continues02/25/02
All-Pro BasketballPasswords02/25/02
Bad News BaseballPasswords02/25/02
Bases Loaded II: Second SeasonWorld Series Passwords11/17/01
BattleshipLevel Passwords02/25/02
Bionic CommandoCodes12/29/02
Disney's DuckTalesGet past the talking statue without paying10/31/01
Disney's DuckTalesHidden Ending06/17/02
Ghosts 'n GoblinsSee the bonus message10/29/01
HydlideLevel Passwords02/09/02
Mario Is Missing!Passwords06/09/03
Mega Man 2Passwords04/13/04
Mega Man 3Passwords02/10/02
Mega Man 4Passwords02/25/02
Racket AttackPasswords02/16/02
Rad Racer IICodes02/13/02
Rad Racer IISuper Speed Boost02/13/02
Super Mario Bros. 3See a different Thank You letter from the King02/09/02
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III: The Manhattan ProjectRandom Select02/09/02
The Addams Family: Pugsley's Scavenger HuntCheat Codes02/25/02
Who Framed Roger RabbitPasswords10/12/02
XexyzLevel Passwords02/13/02
XexyzOther Passwords02/05/02

Nintendo 64

Bomberman 64Unlockables08/13/03
Buck BumbleCodes07/15/00
Donkey Kong 64Play the mini games at any time01/29/02
Excitebike 64Cheat Menu10/12/05
Extreme-GChange targets into Fergus heads10/30/01
Extreme-GMake all the vehicles invisible10/30/01
Iggy's Reckin' BallsPassword Cheats08/21/01
Mario TennisPasswords07/19/04
Milo's Astro LanesCodes12/31/00
Monster Truck Madness 64Expert Courses10/30/01
Monster Truck Madness 64Passwords01/15/01
Ms. Pac-Man Maze MadnessBonus Multi-Player Map02/15/02
NBA HangtimeChange Dennis Rodman's Hair Color10/27/01
NBA Showtime: NBA on NBCCodes12/29/01
NBA Showtime: NBA on NBCHidden Characters02/01/02
NBA Showtime: NBA on NBCPlay at the Left Team's Court02/01/02
NBA Showtime: NBA on NBCPlay at the Right Team's Court02/01/02
NBA Showtime: NBA on NBCPlay on the Midway Court02/01/02
NBA Showtime: NBA on NBCPlay on the NBC Court02/01/02
NBA Showtime: NBA on NBCPlay on the Street Court02/01/02
Rampage World TourLevel Select10/30/01
Star Wars: Rogue SquadronPasswords09/09/05
Turok 2: Seeds of EvilCheat Codes02/01/02


Assault RigsPasswords02/07/02
Bubsy 3DAudio Codes02/07/02
Championship BassLevel Passwords02/07/02
Courier CrisisLevel Passwords02/07/02
Crash BandicootLevel Passwords09/25/00
Crash Bandicoot 2: Cortex Strikes BackGo to level 26 - a secret stage10/30/01
Descent MaximumMisc. Codes07/24/01
NBA Jam ExtremeTiny Players02/01/02
Small SoldiersMisc. Passwords10/03/00
The Flintstones: Bedrock BowlingExtra Bowling Lane02/18/02
Twisted Metal 2In-Game Cheat Codes01/20/02
Twisted Metal 2Misc. Codes11/11/00

PlayStation 2

Sonic Mega Collection PlusRound Select in Sonic Spinball04/10/05


Bug!Stage Select01/22/02
Virtua CopExtra Name Entry Time01/22/02
Virtua CopView the ending01/22/02

Super Nintendo

Aero The Acro-BatLevel Select Screen Codes10/29/01
Ballz 3DMorph into other fighters02/09/02
ClayFighter: Tournament EditionSpecial Characters Codes01/28/02
Congo's CaperLevel Passwords02/09/02
Disney's AladdinSee the Special Ending02/09/02
Disney's PinocchioCodes01/27/02
Donkey Kong CountryCodes10/29/01
Lemmings'Fun' Level Passwords03/23/02
Lemmings'Mayhem' Level Passwords03/23/02
Lemmings'Taxing' Level Passwords03/23/02
Lemmings'Tricky' Level Passwords03/23/02
Looney Tunes B-BallCodes02/09/02
Mega Man XMisc. Passwords01/26/04
Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey MouseCodes10/29/01
NBA JamExtra Players08/23/01
NBA Jam: Tournament EditionCodes06/07/01
NBA Jam: Tournament EditionCodes for characters01/26/02
NBA Jam: Tournament EditionGoaltend the final shot01/27/02
NHL '94Passwords02/26/02
NHLPA Hockey 93Passwords02/26/02
Nigel Mansell's World Championship RacingSee the ending01/27/02
Out of This WorldLevel Select Passwords01/27/02
Phantom 2040Passwords01/27/02
Pocky & Rocky 2Level Passwords01/27/02
Prince of Persia 2: The Shadow and the FlamePasswords01/29/02
Q*bert 3Codes03/04/03
Rock 'N Roll RacingPasswords01/31/02
Rock 'N Roll RacingSound Test01/31/02
seaQuest DSVPractice Passwords01/31/02
Sink or SwimLevel Passwords01/29/02
Spider-Man & Venom: Separation AnxietyLevel Passwords02/03/02
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge SimulatorCodes07/21/02
Star Trek: Starfleet Academy Starship Bridge SimulatorMission Passcodes02/03/02
Stunt Race FXCodes01/19/02
Stunt Race FXControl the animation when the game is paused10/29/01
Super BombermanLevel Passwords01/31/02
Super Bomberman 2Codes07/09/01
Super Bomberman 2Passwords10/29/01
Super Conflict: The MideastCodes01/31/02
Super SoccerCodes06/12/02
Super Strike EaglePasswords02/03/02
Super TennisMisc. Codes05/27/01
Super TennisPasswords02/17/03
Tetris 2Level Passwords02/09/02
The Ren & Stimpy Show: Veediots!Hear the Whole Theme Song01/31/02
The Wizard of OzPasswords01/26/02
Thunder SpiritsCodes02/24/02
Todd McFarlane's Spawn: The Video GameLevel Passwords11/22/02
Top GearAmateur Passwords01/27/02
Top GearChampion Passwords01/27/02
Top GearPro Passwords01/27/02
Total CarnageCodes01/31/02
True LiesMisc. Passwords03/18/04
War 2410Passwords01/26/02
War 3010: The RevolutionLevel Passwords01/27/02
War 3010: The RevolutionMini-game Codes01/27/02
Wayne's WorldCodes02/07/02
Wing CommanderCheat Code02/07/02
Yoshi's CookieBonus Rounds01/27/02
Zombies Ate My NeighborsLevel Passwords02/07/02

Virtual Boy

Virtual Boy Wario LandDifferent Ending02/18/02
Virtual League BaseballGalaxy Team passwords02/14/02
Virtual League BaseballMiracle Team passwords02/14/02