Atari 2600

3-D Tic-Tac-ToeAn interesting twist on tic-tac-toe04/23/015/10
Adventures of TronA one of a kind adventure that includes good graphics and cool sounds, but a bit too much of a challenge05/15/016/10
AsteroidsOne of the most entertaining space shooters ever!05/05/019/10
Atari 2600The system that started it all!06/18/0110/10
BasketballAn average attempt at a fun basketball game04/05/015/10
BowlingA decent little sports title that just screams "AVERAGE" to you08/30/035/10
Brain GamesA slightly below average attempt at bringing school....home. WHO WANTS THAT?!!04/21/024/10
Canyon BomberA simplistic, but fun bombing expedition04/07/017/10
CasinoA casino that is definitely worth a visit.....or two.....06/21/018/10
CentipedePut an arcade classic on a system and give it much better controls and you get a game that's even better than the original04/14/018/10
Chopper CommandA semi-Defender clone with a crash landing in sight07/02/015/10
Circus AtariA game that doesn't go splat.........unlike its characters04/03/019/10
CombatOne of the essential classics to own for your Atari 2600.04/21/019/10
Cookie Monster MunchMe want cookie!10/12/027/10
Crystal CastlesOne of the best Atari 2600 games in many ways04/03/0110/10
DefenderA classic shoot'em up rescue mission06/21/019/10
Demon AttackClassic space shooter that sat in the darkness while the likes of Space Invaders and Asteroids took up all the limelight05/03/018/10
Dig DugGrave diggers wish their job was this fun!05/01/019/10
Donkey KongIntroducing in the left corner, a plumber named Mario, and in the right corner, a big ape called Donkey Kong04/16/017/10
Donkey Kong JuniorYou probably won't go bananas over it, but it's still a cool game04/19/017/10
Fishing DerbyEntertaining fishing at its most basic02/10/026/10
FootballIt's terribly dated, but it will always be fun04/05/018/10
FreewayWhy did the chicken cross the road?04/18/018/10
FrostbiteWritten for prospective buyers03/06/0310/10
GalaxianThey can FLY!04/19/016/10
GolfAn ancient golf game that should've remained extinct07/06/012/10
GopherWhack-A-Mole meets a farmer and his carrots11/17/025/10
Home RunUnlike the title, this game does not hit a home run04/11/013/10
Hunt & ScoreKind of like Where's Waldo meets Go Fish02/19/028/10
Ice HockeyThe best sports title on the Atari 2600, hands down04/20/0110/10
Jr. Pac-ManExcellence prevails04/25/0110/10
Jungle HuntAn innovative damsel in distress game that came before Mario & Toadstool05/06/017/10
Kaboom!One word: addicting04/28/018/10
KangarooOh, Susanna, oh don't you cry for me, I come from Alabama and some monkeys are after me12/21/027/10
Lock 'n' ChaseThe bad side of cloning04/25/014/10
Mario Bros.The first game that featured the famous duo of Mario and Luigi04/26/019/10
Maze Craze: A Game of Cops 'n RobbersI've never cared much for mazes, but this is a-maze-ing!12/15/039/10
MegamaniaNo aliens allowed04/18/018/10
Midnight MagicWhether it's midnight or not, this game can be fun06/17/019/10
Missile CommandThe definition of a classic shooter04/24/019/10
Moon PatrolIt's as cool as its title04/18/019/10
Mouse TrapNot a-maze-ing, but worth getting nonetheless04/03/017/10
Ms. Pac-ManA major facelift from the disappointment of the 2600's Pac-Man04/11/019/10
Night DriverGreat sense of speed + classic memories = A winner04/04/017/10
OutlawA ricocheting good time04/16/017/10
Pac-ManWhat in the world is this?!04/06/017/10
Pitfall!A revolutionary stepping stone for the video game industry04/04/019/10
Q*bertGood #!$%04/05/019/10
SeaquestGreed is the root of all evil03/07/038/10
Secret QuestOne of the deeper Atari 2600 games07/11/017/10
Sky DiverGreat representation of early Atari 2600 titles as a whole04/16/017/10
Space InvadersI'm honored that I was born the same year this ruled the world04/03/019/10
SurroundLooks can be deceiving04/06/018/10
Towering InfernoA game full of fires, fun, and frustration04/24/016/10
Video OlympicsVideo Olympics/Pong Sports spells variety07/04/019/10
Video PinballThe journey to rolling the score04/18/019/10
WarlordsAn interesting combination of two of the best known classics06/16/018/10
Word ZapperWalking down a street full of dogs while dressed up as a fire hydrant would be more fun than playing this game07/03/011/10


Adventures of Lolo 2A cool game for puzzle fanatics07/13/017/10
Bases Loaded II: Second SeasonThese bases are loaded with timeless fun!05/04/019/10
BattletoadsI HATE IT! Wait, no, I love it.05/09/037/10
Blaster MasterI wouldn't risk my life chasing a frog even if it turned into a princess!06/15/039/10
BurgerTimeHold the onions!04/17/017/10
CastlevaniaSimon says your NES collection is incomplete without this great one07/09/018/10
Disney's Chip 'n Dale: Rescue RangersA great game that only has one problem07/14/019/10
Disney's DuckTalesCream of the Disney05/06/019/10
Duck HuntAt least none of the ducks were Daffy, Donald, or Scrooge07/11/017/10
Ghosts 'n GoblinsGreat arcade game, but a not so great NES game07/01/014/10
Ivan "Ironman" Stewart's Super Off RoadAlmost as great as the arcade game05/12/018/10
Kirby's AdventureDedicated to the special colleague we (usually) call Masters07/23/049/10
KlaxI miss New & Noteworthy01/07/047/10
Little Nemo: The Dream MasterGood night. Sleep tight. Don't let the bedbugs bite.06/26/018/10
Marble MadnessMarbles 10105/09/018/10
Mega Man 2Friends Are Forever07/10/0110/10
Pac-ManA completely flawless version of the arcade classic for the NES!05/11/018/10
Pinball QuestAdd your name to the list.09/07/037/10
RampageSometimes the little things can make a game worthwhile05/03/018/10
SeicrossOne of those special few games that's full of flaws, yet manages to be so fun you overlook the bad points.04/21/018/10
Snake Rattle n RollGreat game that just manages to be beyond your control at times04/22/018/10
StarTropicsA great game that should be called a classic07/15/019/10
Super Mario Bros.I wanna go back and do it all over01/17/049/10
Super Mario Bros. 2It's the ugly duckling of the series, but it's still a classic!06/29/019/10
Super Mario Bros. 3THIS is a 10/10 game if I've ever played one!06/30/0110/10
The Adventures of Bayou BillyThe adventures of a failed attempt at making a revolutionary classic06/20/013/10
The Bugs Bunny Birthday BlowoutWhy this game is so bashed, I don't know04/05/018/10
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the World(_8(|) D'oh! Bad controls ruin a potential great05/10/016/10
TokiDon't you see by the # of reviews how overlooked this game is? Well, quit monkeying around and change that!04/22/018/10

Super Nintendo

Ballz 3DA strange fighting game, but it's not that bad at all06/21/018/10
Bassin's Black Bass with Hank ParkerThanks mom and dad!06/22/019/10
Biker Mice From MarsLet's rock, and ride with this vastly underappreciated game!04/09/019/10
Bugs Bunny: Rabbit RampageA looney game that is worth playing07/08/018/10
Congo's CaperA mildly entertaining game that is more for younger gamers07/05/016/10
Disney's AladdinGood game to play when you're busy doing something close to nothing05/10/017/10
Donkey Kong CountryKome join the Kong Klub in this Klassic!01/30/039/10
Donkey Kong Country 2: Diddy's Kong QuestDiddy captures the heart of Dixie and loses a friend in the process05/13/0110/10
Mickey Mania: The Timeless Adventures of Mickey MouseMore gamers should experience this gem05/14/018/10
NBA Jam: Tournament EditionThe best of the high flying NBA Jam series!07/11/0110/10
Street Fighter II TurboThe Ultimate Rush Between Opponents03/03/0310/10
Super Bomberman 2One of the best multiplayer games ever!07/05/019/10
Super Mario All-StarsA superb collection of classics, but are they flawless?05/26/019/10
Super Mario KartThe greatest Mario game of all time. And we all know that's saying A LOT!06/24/0110/10
Super Mario RPG: Legend of the Seven StarsIt's hip to be square11/11/029/10
Super Mario WorldAnother GREAT Mario adventure07/02/0110/10
Super Mario World 2: Yoshi's IslandAn eggstrordinary game!07/08/0110/10
Super MetroidI'm not big on picking favorites, but this is it. This is my favorite video game of all time.04/10/0110/10
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles IV: Turtles in TimeA great addition to the classic series05/13/019/10
World Heroes 2An unsung hero for the SNES06/23/019/10
Zombies Ate My NeighborsZAMN good stuff!!05/25/019/10
Zool: Ninja of the "Nth" DimensionA game that has too many major flaws05/15/012/10