iOS (iPhone/iPad)

Where's My Water?Secret Level Icons08/05/13


Adventure Time: The Secret of the Nameless KingdomReward and unlock-ables01/14/16
BlurHaloween's Pumpkin icon01/28/15
CrimsonlandPowerful unlockables in Crimsonland HD01/19/16
CrimsonlandSpecial codes for Crimsonland HD01/15/16
Emerald TaleUnlock secret bonus levels02/07/13
Emerald TaleUnlocking secret ending02/07/13
Feeding Frenzy 2: Shipwreck ShowdownGetting golden trophy in the left side of title screen08/30/12
Jets 'N' Guns GoldUnlock Armagedonator weapon02/19/13
Luxor 2 HDBonus unlock-able(s)05/30/14
Luxor 2 HDUnlocking cheat options05/30/14
Luxor 3Unlocking Insane mode12/06/13
Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive EditionNew Ori logo at save data05/03/16
ProfitvilleHead Start Money01/23/14
RIP TrilogySecret Weapons in RIP 306/28/13
RIP TrilogySpecial Unlock-able(s) in RIP 306/28/13
Snowy: Puzzle IslandsExtra Solution Cheats12/06/11
Snowy: Space TripExtra Solution Cheats12/05/11
SparkleUnlock bonus amulets04/08/13
Treasures of the DeepMake your ship becomes multi-colored rainbow03/20/12
Turtle BayUnlock secret ending03/01/13
Turtle Odyssey 2Unlocking Power-ups07/09/13
Turtle Odyssey 2Using spin power-ups07/09/13
WolfensteinRewards unlockable03/10/15
X-Men Origins: WolverineSpecial unlockables02/09/15
Zuma's Revenge: AdventureWeird background screen05/29/12


Astro Boy: The Video GameCodes10/23/09
SWAT: Target LibertyUnlocking Hard Mode03/23/11