Game Boy Color

Mario GolfChange your shot08/03/01
Wario Land IIFlagman D.D. Mini-Game02/16/01
Wario Land IISoft Reset07/05/01


SimCity 2000Gain $25003/20/01
The Lost VikingsLevel Passwords03/20/01
Total AnnihilationCampaign Level Select03/20/01
Total AnnihilationHave up to 10 players in Skirmish07/09/01
Unreal Tournament (1999)Cheat Codes08/30/01


South ParkWizard Mode08/14/01

Super Nintendo

Dragon Ball Z Super Butouden 3Power Ups09/02/01
Final Fantasy IIIInstantly kill enemies01/07/01
The Ren & Stimpy Show: Veediots!Codes01/05/01