Atari 2600

Artillery DuelOne of the few bad shooters01/31/062/10
AsteroidsThe mac-daddy of all shooters!01/23/068/10
AstroblastWhat a waste of plastic01/16/062/10
Atari Video CubeWhy, Atari? Why?01/23/061/10
BasketballA little off, but still pretty fun.01/23/067/10
BerzerkThe definition of Atari03/13/068/10
BreakoutThere are many better renditions of breakout.03/08/065/10
CentipedeExcellence in a plastic case.01/26/069/10
Chuck Norris SuperkicksA good shot at a fighting game.03/08/066/10
Commando RaidOne of U.S. Games better releases01/31/067/10
Donkey KongA pretty darn fun game!01/25/068/10
E.T.: The Extra TerrestrialFour weeks of development sure shows02/02/061/10
GorfNot bad, but terribly unoriginal01/24/066/10
GravitarFrustrating, yet so addictive.01/23/065/10
Jungle HuntA great pioneer or platform games01/24/068/10
Kaboom!One of my personal favorites.01/25/0610/10
Keystone KapersActivision does NOT deliver01/26/063/10
Laser BlastNothing special01/26/065/10
M*A*S*HMildly entertaining.02/08/066/10
Mario Bros.Mario & Luigi's most embarrassing mistake02/17/064/10
Moon PatrolMoon men attack!02/21/068/10
Pac-ManNot all it's cracked up to be01/30/066/10
PhoenixOne of the better Space Invaders clones02/21/067/10
Space InvadersClassic01/30/068/10
Star Wars: The Empire Strikes BackStar Wars!01/23/067/10
StargateIt's Defender all over again...wait, that's a good thing!03/13/068/10
Super BreakoutSuper? Absolutely this game is super!03/10/069/10
VentureA far cry from its arcade roots.02/24/066/10
Word ZapperJust plain stupid01/26/062/10

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