Game Boy Advance

Final Fantasy Tactics AdvanceGet 2 Sharas08/18/05
Zapper: One Wicked Cricket!Last Level08/18/05


Curious GeorgeCheat Codes02/04/08
Happy FeetMovies02/04/08
TMNTChallenge Mode04/01/08
TMNTCharacter Passwords04/01/08
TMNTHoliday Costumes04/01/08


BattletoadsTitle Menu Cheats04/01/08
ClayFighterPlay as N. Boss04/01/08


LuminesHard Mode (Arcade)02/08/08
LuminesShuffle Mode02/06/08
LuminesUnlockable Avatars02/06/08
LuminesUnlockable Skins02/06/08


NeopetsHidden Avatars09/15/03
NeopetsHidden Links09/29/03


Hello Kitty: Roller RescueBonus Costumes & Cinematics04/24/06
LuminesUnlockable Characters06/02/08
LuminesUnlockable Skins06/02/08


Mr. DrillerMirror Levels08/23/07
Space JamUnlimited Power06/18/07
Tomba!Alternate Hair Colour (Japanese Version Only)12/20/07
Tomba!Extra Weapons on New Game12/20/07

PlayStation 2

Backyard Sports Basketball 2007Unlockable Characters01/22/08
Cy GirlsLevel Select01/22/08
Dance Dance Revolution Party CollectionEndless Mode01/06/06
Hello Kitty: Roller RescueCostumes, Cinematics, Etc04/14/06
KineticaUnlockable Track and Characters04/10/03
Looney Tunes: Acme ArsenalUnlimited Ammunition01/22/08
Sonic Mega Collection PlusRistar Codes12/13/04
The Fairly OddParents! Breakin' Da RulesLevel Passwords01/22/08
The Fairly OddParents! Breakin' Da RulesMighty Mom and Dyno Dad - Full Episode01/22/08
Yu-Gi-Oh! GX: The Beginning of DestinyCard Passwords03/03/08

PlayStation 3

BoltCheat Mode03/05/09
DamnationPassword Unlockables06/08/09
FIFA Soccer 08Fifth Difficulty Level03/31/08
FIFA Street 3Unlockable Teams03/31/08
Hot Shots Golf: Out of BoundsEasy Loyalty12/18/07
Hot Shots Golf: Out of BoundsLobby Outfits04/22/08
Hot Shots Golf: Out of BoundsUnlockable Caddies05/01/08
Hot Shots Golf: Out of BoundsUnlockable Characters05/01/08
Hot Shots Golf: Out of BoundsUnlockable Menu Character05/01/08
PixelJunk Monsters EncoreTum Tum Island05/30/08
The Eye of JudgmentGoal Mode12/22/07


Gradius CollectionGradius III - Easy Final Boss11/27/07
Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2Easy Loyalty12/18/07
Hot Shots Golf: Open Tee 2Secret Character - Mizuki12/19/07
Sega Genesis CollectionEcco Jr. Level Passwords09/21/07
Sega Genesis CollectionEcco The Dolphin Level Passwords09/20/07
Sega Genesis CollectionEcco The Dolphin Unlimited Air09/20/07
Sega Genesis CollectionEcco: The Tides of Time Level Passwords (Normal Mode)09/21/07
Sega Genesis CollectionEcco: The Tides of Time Passwords09/21/07
TokobotUnlock Bonus Centre11/26/07


Detana TwinBee Yahho! Deluxe PackDark Play01/07/08
Super Puzzle Fighter II TurboStage Select - VS Mode12/29/07


Driver: Parallel LinesUnlockable Cars09/20/07
Driver: Parallel LinesVarious Unlockables09/20/07
Super Smash Bros. BrawlUnlockable Characters01/31/08
Super Smash Bros. BrawlUnlockable Modes01/31/08
Super Smash Bros. BrawlUnlockable Stages01/31/08
Super Swing Golf Season 2Coin Bonuses01/07/08
Tamagotchi Party On!Extra Characters08/30/07