3D Movie MakerMake your own 3D movies!!!!!!!!04/01/028/10
Alley CatAlley cat, alley cat..........what are they feeding you?11/28/004/10
Anastasia: Adventures with Pooka and BartokThe touching story of a russian princess and a talking bat.....07/14/006/10
Battle BeastWatch the cute little dinosaur and the lovely little fish beat the snot out of each other, aint it the prettiest picture!07/19/003/10
Captain ComicHahahaha. You're so funny, Captain Comic.03/30/027/10
Commander Keen Episode I: Marooned on MarsThe keenest adventurer you're ever likely to meet...... (((PUN ALERT)))12/04/006/10
Commander Keen Episode II: The Earth ExplodesI was very keen to play this game, but it let me down..... (((PUN ALERT)))12/04/004/10
Commander Keen Episode III: Keen Must DieA game that is keen to impress, but falls short..... (((PUN ALERT)))12/13/005/10
Cosmo's Cosmic AdventureSecret Agent10/09/012/10
Crystal Caves Episode 1 - Trouble with TwibblesNick Cave's mysterious little sister Crystal......FOUND AT LAST!09/29/017/10
Death RallyDrive.....or die in a fiery ball which used to be a car06/08/006/10
Diablo IIDiablo II: The game with this synopsis11/18/0010/10
Duke NukemMore like PUKE Nukem!.....actually.....no it isn't. *Runs away*10/08/018/10
God of ThunderThor Blimey!04/02/028/10
Goosebumps: Escape from HorrorlandPlayer beware, you're in for a scare!10/05/017/10
HeartsDon't be fooled by the misleading name! There is not a single internal organ to be found anywhere!07/25/007/10
Hugo 2: Whodunit?Hugo...........who needs him?12/01/001/10
Hugo 3: Jungle of DoomHugo smells again, in his smelly third smelliest game11/29/002/10
Hugo's House of HorrorsThe only thing you have to fear is Hugo's sky-blue sweater..............ECCH!!!11/27/003/10
Leisure Suit Larry Goes Looking for Love (In Several Wrong Places)Larry Laffer gets lucky, again!!!11/11/009/10
Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards"Good Game. Bad Name." - Bill07/13/008/10
Micro Machines 2: Turbo TournamentWhy won't it turn! Turn you little car! TURN!!!06/27/007/10
MinesweeperClick, click........BOOOOM06/03/008/10
Mixed-Up Mother GooseOut of all the funny synopsi I could have used on this game, I had to choose this one.......11/13/008/10
Monkey Island 2: LeChuck's RevengeThere are two monkey islands!? Death to the cartographer!09/28/019/10
PODCars go whoosh, drivers go WOW THATS FAST! You go zzzzzzz....07/21/005/10
Police Quest: In Pursuit of the Death AngelYou're the police, you have a quest. This is.......POLICE QUEST!11/10/008/10
Secret Agent Episode 1 - The Hunt for Red Rock RoverSecret Agent10/01/015/10
SimTowerMake your own towers!! Ummmm.....yay?08/12/004/10
SolitaireVirtual Cards.....it just doesn't get any better than that07/09/008/10
Sonic CD (1995)I love this little hedgehog!07/02/0010/10
SpeedBoat AttackDestroy the rampaging speedboats that threaten life as we know it!!!02/03/033/10
The Curse of Monkey IslandAn absolute classic! Lucas Arts are gods!03/04/0010/10
The Incredible MachineLive out your dreams of smashing fishbowls and maiming ugly cats!!06/08/007/10
The Secret of Monkey IslandThe monkeys have a secret, and it's an island.....or something like that07/19/008/10
The Simpsons: Virtual SpringfieldGood Springfield induced fun!06/06/007/10
The SimsThe Sims: All full of simmy goodness12/27/009/10
Theme HospitalLive out your dreams of running a hospital! If you have them....06/03/0010/10
Unreal TournamentAm I the only one who finds the word "giblets" funny!?!11/15/0010/10
Wacky WheelsI personally can't see what's so wacky about it....06/28/004/10
Where in the World is Carmen Sandiego?Gotta catch 'em all! Criminals that is....05/20/008/10
Worms 2Who would have thought that making worms shoot each other was more fun than eating them?06/13/009/10


Ape EscapeThe best PSX platformer ever! Would I lie to you?06/10/0010/10
Army Men: Sarge's HeroesShooting plastic soldiers isn't all it's cracked up to be05/05/005/10
Barbie Super SportsThe definitive review of an all-time classic10/02/012/10
Brian Lara CricketThe greatest sport on Earth is now duly represented......well not quite06/11/007/10
Bushido BladeSword fighting at it's finest.........theoretically11/17/006/10
Bust A GrooveNow YOU can dance like John Travolta without moving your feet!06/16/008/10
Chocobo RacingChickens in karts! Meals on wheels!05/20/007/10
Crash Team RacingThis game will instantly make your life that little bit more enjoyable.05/02/0010/10
Cricket 2000Disgusting.03/31/021/10
Die Hard TrilogyThree games in one. What more could you ask for?05/12/008/10
DiscworldLiving on a frisbee shaped world? Call your real estate agent.05/17/006/10
Disney's Hercules Action GameNot often do you see Disney fail this badly.05/21/002/10
Duke Nukem: Time to KillIt's not bad, but it's been done better sooooo many times.03/05/007/10
Final Fantasy VIIA rather good game01/09/0110/10
Final Fantasy VIIIA yard from immortality.07/07/039/10
Gex: Enter the GeckoA tail-whipping good time!04/23/008/10
Gran TurismoThe cars all look so pretty!06/06/0010/10
Grand Theft AutoThe most corrupting game you'll ever play06/07/0010/10
Grand Theft Auto 2Breaking the law is more fun than ever before!04/26/0010/10
MediEvilOriginal and funny, need I say more?02/15/009/10
Metal Gear SolidPoink!07/14/0010/10
Metal Gear Solid: VR MissionsIf you own the original, GET THIS NOW!05/18/0010/10
Micro Machines V3Little cars are really fun.....that's all05/19/0010/10
NHL 98Hockey?01/31/025/10
Oddworld: Abe's OddyseeSave the cute little blue and green guys from extinction and become a hero! Sounds good to me...06/21/0010/10
PaRappa the RapperKick punch.....you've heard it all before05/18/009/10
Rugrats Studio TourI bought this game of my own free will.06/22/026/10
Sheep The game I'd dreamed of owning all my life.....and it was only average!!!!05/10/017/10
Silent HillIf you're a chicken wuss like me, STAY AWAY! If you're not, you'll love it.02/15/009/10
SkullMonkeysWhat's that Lassie? The skulls have monkeys!? THE MONKEYS HAVE SKULLS!?! Head for the hills!!!05/23/004/10
Small SoldiersSmall Soldiers........small entertainment05/03/003/10
Speed PunksA superb addition to a tired, old genre.04/25/008/10
Spice WorldPerhaps the worst game for the Playstation of all time?05/04/001/10
Syphon FilterAn action packed rollercoaster ride from beginning to end!06/11/0010/10
Syphon Filter 2Gabriel is a pretty girly name, just don't say it to his face!07/12/0010/10
Syphon Filter 3Boo..11/17/034/10
Tekken 2Enter the Tekken........stage left12/02/008/10
Tekken 3Ever had one of those days when a funny synopsis just eludes you?11/16/009/10
Tenchu: Stealth AssassinsBeing a sneaky bugger has never been so much fun!03/07/009/10
Tony Hawk's Pro SkaterThis game almost makes me wanna go out, grab a skateboard, and bust my head open.06/23/0010/10
Vigilante 8More fun than blowing up cars in real life!02/27/009/10
WCW MayhemA quality product from the WCW? Who would have dreamed of the day.....06/18/008/10
WCW NitroThis is a bad BAD BAD game!06/05/002/10
WCW/nWo ThunderLook up bad game in the dictionary and you'll see a picture of this.05/12/002/10
Wipeout XLSo fast your eyes will bleed!05/18/009/10
Worms ArmageddonMmmmmmm............Worms05/02/009/10