Animal Crossing''Feng Shui''11/17/03
Animal CrossingA Couple of the Snowman Item Passwords11/17/03
Animal CrossingA Special Rock10/21/03
Animal CrossingAll Passwords for the Harvest Set/Series11/17/03
Animal CrossingFree Candy!11/17/03
Animal CrossingGet a gyroid-like face!10/21/03
Animal CrossingGet as many11/17/03
Animal CrossingMake your character jump in shock!11/17/03
Animal CrossingReceive the Lucky Nintendo set for free!11/17/03
Animal CrossingThe Password for the Golden Shovel11/17/03
Mario Golf: Toadstool TourLocate Pikmin at the courses.11/06/03


Madden NFL 95Fast Blitz04/10/06


Clu Clu Land9 Extra Lives01/29/04
The Great Waldo SearchNo Timer04/11/06

Nintendo 64

South ParkPasswords07/23/04

Super Nintendo

Mario is Missing!Passwords to complete the cities.11/18/03