Game Boy

Game Boy CameraMake stamps go the opposite direction04/12/03
Game Boy CameraUnlockables08/01/02
Play Action FootballLevel Warp Passwords05/11/03
The Rugrats MoviePasswords10/29/02

Game Boy Advance

WarioWare, Inc.: Mega Microgame$!Unlockables05/22/03

Game Boy Color

Disney/Pixar Toy Story 2Level Passwords04/13/02
Rugrats: Time TravellersPasswords01/05/01


Metal Gear Solid: The Twin SnakesDifferent Psyco Mantis sayings03/10/04
Metal Gear Solid: The Twin SnakesMisc. Unlockables03/09/04
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's CutReuse Chao Animals Glitch11/13/03
Sonic Adventure DX: Director's CutUnlockables06/22/03
Sonic HeroesUnlock Game Modes01/15/04
SoulCalibur IIUnlockables09/23/03
The Legend of Zelda: The Wind WakerUnlockables04/06/03


SonicNUnlock Moon Zone10/22/03


NFL Blitz 2000Secret Characters04/12/03
NHL FaceOff 98Unlockable Characters04/12/03

PlayStation 2

Ape Escape 2Unlock the Final Boss07/12/03
Metal Gear Solid 2: SubstanceUnlockables03/31/03
SoulCalibur IIUnlockables09/23/03


NBA Live 98Cheat Codes06/01/03
NBA Live 98Secret Team codes06/01/03


Animal Crossing: City FolkSchool Bus Model05/20/09


SoulCalibur IIUnlockables09/23/03
Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith LordsUnlock different characters01/04/05

Xbox 360

Banjo-KazooieUnlock Stop 'N Swop Items02/17/10