Champions World Class Soccer"GOAL!!!"01/02/147/10
Chuck Rock II: Son of ChuckDo you smell what Chuck Rock II is cookin'?04/09/126/10
Comix Zone"Your kung fu is good!"02/13/137/10
Dr. Robotnik's Mean Bean MachineA Sonic game without Sonic? That's NO GOOD!....or is it?04/29/138/10
Ecco the Dolphin"Ecco, if we breathe air, why do we live beneath the waves?"10/18/128/10
Ecco: The Tides of TimeEcco the Dolphin v1.503/08/137/10
GenesisIn the beginning...02/26/149/10
Home AloneLook what you did, you little jerk.05/19/146/10
LHX Attack Chopper"There's the target!!".....I think....maybe if I squint a little....03/26/134/10
Light CrusaderI wonder if the the NBA Jam guy did the voice acting in this game...09/19/126/10
Monopoly"Don't you be coming back here now!"02/12/147/10
Mortal KombatTest your might.01/17/135/10
Ms. Pac-ManNot Ms. Pac-Man's finest hour02/18/147/10
Pac-Man 2: The New AdventuresI never knew that Pac-Man suffered from bipolar disorder.02/06/137/10
RistarHey now, you're an all star...06/08/119/10
Sonic & KnucklesThe End of an Era11/29/129/10
Sonic the HedgehogSonic's legendary debut may be rough on the edges but at the core is brilliant.07/02/128/10
Sonic the Hedgehog 2The very first game I ever beat stands as one of the best for the Genesis.11/21/129/10
Sonic the Hedgehog 3This is surprisingly the longest of the first three Sonic games.11/27/129/10
Sonic the Hedgehog SpinballBreaking news: Robotnik finally defeats Sonic after trapping him in a pinball machine04/29/136/10
ToeJam & Earl in Panic on FunkotronPlay that funky music, alien boy02/27/138/10
VectormanYou're going to dance to the music in this game.08/21/128/10
Wacky Worlds Creativity Studio"Remember that one doll house game? The one with Sonic?"01/14/146/10
World Series BaseballGoing, going, GONE! Home run! Oh, doctor!!05/21/129/10
Young Indiana Jones"DON'T call me junior!"02/12/142/10