Bishoujo Senshi Sailor Moon SSuper Sailor Moon04/02/02
Dragon LoreQuick movement03/18/02
Dragon's LairView FMVs03/18/02
GexView Long Ending03/18/02
Hell: A Cyberpunk ThrillerDebug/Cheat mode03/18/02
Hell: A Cyberpunk ThrillerSilly Characters03/18/02
LemmingsLevel passwords: Fun04/02/02
LemmingsLevel passwords: Mayhem04/02/02
LemmingsLevel passwords: Taxing04/02/02
LemmingsLevel passwords: Tricky04/02/02
Out of This WorldPasswords07/17/01
QuarantineLevel Passwords04/02/02
QuarantineWeapon & Money Code04/02/02
Return FirePasswords04/02/02
Return FireSelf-destruct04/02/02
Road RashWalk04/02/02
Robinson's RequiemFaster FMVs04/02/02
Samurai ShodownPlayer 2 color change04/02/02
Sid Meier's C.P.U. BachDebug Mode03/18/02
The Daedalus EncounterView Development Picture03/18/02
The HordeIn-Game Codes04/02/02
The Need for SpeedHear horns04/02/02
VR StalkerLevel Passwords04/02/02


Burn:CycleLevel Select03/23/02
IncaLevel Passwords04/02/02
L'Ange et le DemonLevel Passwords04/02/02
The 7th GuestRoom Select03/21/02


Fighters MegamixUnlockable Characters04/02/02


Art of Fighting 2Extra Power04/04/02
Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final VictoryExpert Mode04/04/02
Fatal Fury 3: Road to the Final VictoryPlay in different modes04/30/02
Ninja MastersExtra characters04/04/02
RagnagardFight as Lucifer09/23/01
World Heroes PerfectFight as Zeus, Dio and Son Guko09/23/01


Adventures of Lolo 2Passwords07/13/01



1943 KaiCheat Codes04/06/02
1943 KaiCheat Codes - using Sound Test04/06/02
Air ZonkCodes12/20/02
Alien CrushView score during gameplay04/07/02
Andre Panza Kick BoxingCheat Password04/07/02
AV Poker World GamblerCheat mode04/07/02
Battle Lode RunnerBegin at level 61 with unlimited lives04/07/02
Battle Lode RunnerLevel Skip04/07/02
Dai Makai-MuraCheat Codes08/08/01
Devil's CrushCheat Codes04/07/02
Devil's CrushPassword Cheats04/07/02
Digital ChampCheat Codes04/07/02
Dragon's CurseFull Life04/06/02
Dragon's CursePassword Cheats04/06/02
Fushigi no Yume no AliceCheat Codes04/07/02
Galaga '90Galactic bonus04/08/02

Virtual Boy

Mario's TennisCodes10/05/00