3D Altered BeastLevel Select, Sound Test, Options etc12/09/13
Deer Drive LegendsUnlock Hard Difficulty01/04/13
Frogger 3DForever Crossing - Extra Mode01/18/13
Frogger 3DHard Mode01/17/13
Frogger 3DUnlock Challenge Mode01/14/13
IkachanSee the character Quote from Cave Story during the opening sequence.05/20/14
Wreck-It RalphUnlock Game Mode+03/19/13

Arcade Games

Battle BakraidAlternate Character Colors08/09/06
Battle GareggaAlternate Character Colors06/28/06


Power StoneHide Menu While Paused10/01/03


Kung FuExtra Points03/19/13
The Goonies IINo Health from Konami Man04/10/03


Mortal Kombat 3Unlock Smoke in Character Select Screen (Windows MK3)09/24/07
Raiden IIIBoss Attack Mode / Gallerys01/07/10
Raiden IIIExtra Credits01/19/10
Steel SaviourInfinite Lives and Infinite Weapons / Ammo03/03/08


The Beatles: Rock BandUnlock the song ''The End'' in your setlist.01/20/10