Bangai-OLevel Select07/17/08


Build-A-Bear WorkshopCheat Codes02/04/08
Despicable Me: Minion MayhemCheat Code01/03/11
Dragon BoosterPasswords03/21/06
MySims KingdomCheat Codes05/06/10
Naruto: Ninja Council 3Unlockable Characters05/24/07
Naruto: Path of the NinjaUnlockables10/26/07
Soul BubblesComplete all Levels10/13/08
Soul BubblesUnlock all Gallary Items10/13/08
Tamagotchi Connection: Corner Shop 2Secret Codes02/23/09
Tao's Adventure: Curse of the Demon SealDebug Mode05/06/10

Game Boy Advance

Backyard Sports Basketball 2007Unlimited turbo01/22/07
Batman BeginsCheat Codes07/18/08
Batman: Rise of Sin TzuPassword cheats09/19/06
CarsCheats Codes07/13/06
Charlotte's WebUnlockables Mini-game & Stroybook pages09/14/07
Dragon Ball GT: TransformationCheat Codes07/21/08
Drome RacersCheat Passwords07/18/08
Jazz JackrabbitCheat Codes07/18/08
Lizzie McGuire: On the Go!Cheat Code09/13/07
Scooby-Doo! UnmaskedPassword06/11/08
Shining Soul IISound Test07/18/08
The Bible GameStart at Level 1 with Unlimited Spiritual Health10/11/13
The IncrediblesCheat Passwords10/11/13
Tron 2.0: Killer AppCheat Codes09/18/06


Evolution SkateboardingUnlock All Stage07/18/08
Frogger: Ancient ShadowPasswords07/16/08
One Piece Grand BattleSecret Character Codes07/21/08
X-Men LegendsUnlock all Costumes07/18/08


Alien 3Stage Select04/21/09
Cool SpotCheat Menu04/21/09
Disney's AladdinCheat Menu04/21/09
Greendog: The Beached Surfer Dude!Cheat Codes04/21/09
The Simpsons: Bart vs. the Space MutantsUnlimited Lives04/29/09
True LiesPasswords04/29/09


Space Harrier IISecret Options/Sound Test07/15/08


ATV RacersCheat Codes07/16/08
BaldiesLevel Passwords11/29/04
Ballerburg: Castle ChaosCheat Codes07/16/08
Ballerburg: Castle ChaosMain Menu Cheats07/16/08
BattleTanx: Global AssaultSecret Codes10/09/13
Builder's BlockSecret Characters07/16/08
Equestrian ShowcaseBonuses06/12/09
Ford Truck ManiaCheat Codes07/24/08
KickboxingCheat Code07/16/08
MTV's Celebrity DeathmatchCheat Codes07/16/08
MTV's Celebrity DeathmatchSecret Character codes07/16/08
Sports Superbike 2Cheat Code07/25/08
XS Airboat RacingCheat Codes07/16/08

PlayStation 2

BarnyardCheat Codes04/20/07
Batman BeginsBonus unlockables06/16/05
Ben 10: Protector of EarthPassword cheats11/16/07
ConstantineVarious Cheats08/02/05
Disney's Chicken LittlePicture password12/02/05
Future Tactics: The UprisingUnlimited Turns and Movement08/05/08
Godzilla: UnleashedCheat codes01/14/08
Justice League HeroesCodes10/24/06
Medal of Honor: European AssaultCheat Mode10/15/07
Medal of Honor: VanguardCheat Code05/24/07
Mega Man X8Cheat Codes07/21/08
MLB 08: The ShowMain Menu Codes07/15/08
MLB 08: The ShowPause Menu Codes07/15/08
Monster Rancher 3Secret monsters07/14/08
MVP 06 NCAA BaseballSpecial Players Codes07/24/08
MVP 07 NCAA BaseballPassword Codes07/15/08
NASCAR 07Codes09/11/06
NBA 07Unlock all NBA.Com Trophy items07/24/08
NBA Jam 2004Earn 100,000,000 Jam Points07/24/08
Nicktoons: Attack of the ToybotsUnlockable Awards10/29/07
Over the HedgeCheats Codes07/11/06
SpongeBob SquarePants: Creature from the Krusty KrabCheat Codes12/06/06
Stuntman IgnitionCheat Passwords09/12/07
TMNTCheat Codes06/13/07
Van HelsingEnable WIdescreen Mode07/16/08


Gun ShowdownCheat Password01/22/07
Hot BrainCheat code07/24/08
Marvel Trading Card GameCheat Codes05/10/07
MLB 08: The ShowMain Menu Codes07/25/08
MLB 08: The ShowPause Main Codes07/25/08

Super Nintendo

Darius TwinSecret Endings03/19/09
PhalanxExtra Lives and Continues07/16/08
PhalanxLevel Select07/16/08


Somer AssaultFlashing Screen07/14/08
Tiger RoadDebug mode07/14/08
Tiger RoadLevel Select07/14/08
TV Sports FootballSuper Team07/14/08
Veigues Tactical GladiatorContinue code07/14/08
Veigues Tactical GladiatorEasy mode (Double power and units)07/14/08
Veigues Tactical GladiatorMusic Mode07/14/08


Disney/Pixar RatatouilleCheats Codes07/23/08
Dragon Blade: Wrath of FireDifficulty Cheats07/10/08
Indiana Jones and the Staff of KingsUnlockable Skins08/10/09
Indiana Jones and the Staff of KingsUnlocking Concept Art08/10/09
Indiana Jones and the Staff of KingsUnlocking Movie Trailers08/10/09
Medal of Honor: VanguardCheat Codes07/22/08
MLB Power ProsExtra Forms10/13/08
MLB Power ProsView MLB Players at Custom Player Menu10/13/08
TMNTCheat Codes06/13/07


Battlestar GalacticaCheat Mode07/24/08
ConstantineCheat Codes03/07/05
Dragon Ball Z: SagasUnlock Everything07/24/08
Ice Age 2: The MeltdownCheat Codes07/24/08
Over the HedgeCheats Codes07/15/08
Shrek 2Cheats Codes07/15/08
WWE WrestleMania 21Cheat Code07/15/08

Xbox 360

LEGO Batman: The VideogameHow To Unlock Characters04/17/09
Major League Baseball 2K6Passwords04/24/06
Naruto: The Broken BondUnlockable Arenas11/20/08
Naruto: The Broken BondUnlockable Characters11/21/08