Desert Strike: Return to the GulfFire Missles on the Title Screen06/20/01
Earthworm JimCheat Menu06/22/01
NBA JamJuice Mode06/25/01
NBA JamTonight's Match-Up Codes06/25/01
NHLPA Hockey 93Edit the opposition's line for them06/25/01
NHLPA Hockey 93No opposition Goalie06/25/01
Out of This WorldLevel Passwords07/05/01
Road Rash IIWild Thing06/25/01
Rocket Knight AdventuresModes06/25/01
Shadow of the BeastInvincibility06/30/01
Sonic the Hedgehog 3Infinite Lives06/25/01
T2: The Arcade GameLevel Skip06/25/01
TyrantsHidden Game of Asteroids06/30/01

Sega 32X

DoomCheat Codes06/12/01

Sega Master System

Action FighterFull Powerups06/11/01
After BurnerContinue06/11/01
Alex Kidd in Miracle WorldContinue06/11/01
Double DragonInfinite Lives for the Final Stage06/11/01
Shadow of the BeastExtra Life06/30/01
The FlintstonesLevel Select06/11/01
WimbledonFull Creation Points06/11/01
Wonder BoyLevel Select06/11/01