Arcade Games

500cc GPA departure from the Namco Motorcycle Games of the old.11/01/999/10
Air TrixIf this game was real-life, you'll need safety equipment and Accidential Injury Insurance at hand...06/17/0110/10
Arctic ThunderThe latest release in the "Thunder" series from Midway has some yeas and nays somehow...08/21/004/10
Area 51Has some originality but lacks lasting interest somehow07/24/002/10
Brave FireFightersThe toughest "occupational series" game ever yet!01/06/009/10
Buriki One: World Grapple Tournament '99 in TokyoGood SNK Game. How come SNK chose to cease operations in the USA?07/06/009/10
California SpeedThe last thing I ever wanted is a Cruis'n Clone. Yuck.08/07/001/10
Capcom vs. SNK: Millennium Fight 2000I liked the way the game controlled, but I can't place this game over Marvel VS. Capcom 2 for various reasons10/15/005/10
CarnEvilMidway needs to focus working in its gameplay problems somehow...07/29/002/10
CART FuryFINALLY!!! A respective Midway Racing game!!!04/02/009/10
Confidential MissionIt may not be Virtua Cop 3, but it works anyway...04/01/018/10
Crazy TaxiThe radical cure for the common Sega Racing Game.11/01/999/10
Crisis ZoneA System 23 title that returns the "Crisis" Spirit back on Takashi Sano's Crisis Games.04/01/019/10
Cruis'n ExoticaWARNING! Save your tokens for Midway's CART Fury.04/02/001/10
Cruis'n USASave your tokens for Yu Suzuki's Ferrari F355 Challenge11/01/991/10
Cruis'n WorldAnother terribly-done Midway Racer04/03/001/10
Dark Silhouette: Silent Scope 2Konami should've spent some more time tweaking and tweaking04/11/007/10
Daytona USAMay be old, but still stands tall11/17/999/10
Daytona USA 2The sequel has changed the game cosmetically but the feel remains the same11/18/999/10
Daytona USA 2 Power EditionI liked the original release of this game better08/07/004/10
Downhill BikersMountain Biking without the medical risk plus it gives me enough exercise.07/05/009/10
Eighteen WheelerPlaying this game is DEFINTELY a lot safer than driving a huge trailer in real life05/06/009/10
Emergency Call AmbulanceThis game needs MASSIVE IMPROVEMENT on Originality.04/03/005/10
EnforcerA shooting exercise that needs some tweaking on the controls somehow...07/18/005/10
Ferrari F355 ChallengeYu Suzuki has done a great job retaining the Ferrari F355's originality from head to toe.11/01/9910/10
Gunblade NYA good game in need of more tweaking11/01/997/10
Indy 500SUPERHARD AS STEEL!!! But it's as fun as the real thing.04/03/009/10
Jambo! SafariThe unforgiveness of researching wildlife at an affordable price at your local arcade05/21/009/10
L.A. Machineguns: Rage of the MachinesNot perfect but it's still a swell game11/01/997/10
Marvel vs. Capcom 2Capcom (and Marvel) continue to confiscate their originality problems with score-saving new features10/23/009/10
Maximum ForceBasically Area 51 with more secrets, less stages, and a confusing storyline.07/24/002/10
Mocap BoxingYour name doesn't have to be De La Hoya or Holyfield to play this one12/29/019/10
NASCAR ArcadeAnother game worthy of Sega's quest for racing realism10/21/0010/10
Ninja AssaultNamco should've spent some time tweaking the game to its full potential04/01/017/10
Police 911Konami adds an excellent idea (in the Arcade Industry) that's worth checking out04/10/0110/10
Police 911 2There's a lot of significant improvements that will have you coming back for more06/07/0210/10
San Francisco Rush 2049A few more *critical* tweaks and this game would've been brand-spankin' new03/11/017/10
Silent ScopeA demanding light gun game requiring good eye-coordination and top-notch reflexes11/01/999/10
Silent Scope EXEverything that was lost from Dark Silhouette is back, fewer gripes this time around12/14/019/10
Soul EdgeA good Weapons-based Fighting Game, but has a lot of flaws08/11/006/10
SoulCaliburIt's basically a HUGE LEAP over Soul Edge08/11/009/10
SoulCalibur IISince Soul Edge, the Namco Soul Series came a long way08/28/039/10
Star Wars Racer ArcadeWanna ride your own Racing Pod? PROVE YOURSELF IN THIS GAME!!!07/02/0010/10
Star Wars Trilogy ArcadeThis game is seemingly hard, but it follows the movie's story closer than earlier Star Wars games09/16/009/10
Super GTWanna drive a super-expensive car? NO PROB!04/03/009/10
Tekken 4Namco is turning up the Arcade Heat with GeForce-esque graphics, 60FPS Commitment, and newer Graphical Technology Advances09/10/0110/10
Tekken Tag TournamentBone crushing gameplay with too many familiar characters07/16/007/10
TeraburstThe game's so-so with a few gripes and flaws here and then...07/29/006/10
The House of the DeadSuper-challenging Light Gun game with major gripes somehow...07/24/004/10
The House of the Dead 2Enhanced Graphics, Tweaked-up controls, carried-over gripes07/24/005/10
The King of Route 66You can always play this game if you missed US Route 66 a lot12/30/019/10
Time CrisisAfter revolutionizing the Light Gun Genre with OODLES of features...01/09/009/10
Time Crisis 4Play Mechanics, control, and texturizing needs to be refined04/30/076/10
Time Crisis IINamco should've spent some time tweaking this good game04/03/008/10
Virtua CopA swell game, but I would like some improvements with it04/23/006/10
Virtua Cop 2Although better than the original, some technical improvements are still needed04/23/007/10
Virtua Cop 3A great first impression in Slow-Motion Action05/09/049/10
World KicksNamco's got what I have to see!06/07/009/10