Question from Jorg24

Would NEAR detects my address and location?

I was a bit paranoid about that stuff. I mean, I don't want anyone to know where I live. So, I need confirmation if it is true or not. Thanks.


GradyHoover answered:

Yes, it can detect your specific address. It actually has to do so in order to show you other Vita users within a 3-km radius. However, it doesn't share that information with the other users who "see" you - it only shares your screen name and the games you've played. The address information is kept isolated to your system.
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badman594 answered:

Yes it will
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Maldovar answered:

It's going to depend, actually. If you have the 3G model it's going to synch your location via the GPS and should be fairly accurate, down to as little as hitting at least within the city block you're on. If you have the WiFi only model, however, it apparently tracks you based on the carrier service you're going through, which in some cases HAS caused people to appear to be on the other side of the ocean (though this is a rarity). There are fixes for that as well, which require contacting your internet carrier and correcting the IP designation on your service, I believe.
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w_tanoto answered:

depends on the location as well. i bought japanese psvita in japan. it detected my location without sim card (just by using wifi). but in indonesia, no. I haven't brought the vita out to see the outside world yet. so i can't tell you if the assisted gps can detect the location. Shamefully Japanese PS Vita is locked to docomo.
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NoxArcana21 answered:

Playstation kept this in mind. it locks on to where you are so that it can tell other users "near" you (as said already) but places icons in random places on their respective circles (As if it had no sense of which direction they were in.) so your location is safe.
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