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How big memory sticks??

How big memory sticks?? Or harddrive?? I mean how much Gigabyte?

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Well since they are using memory cards ( Hopefully a type of sd card) there shouldn't be too much on board memory, I think it was said somewhere that it was 8 to 16 gigs. Keep in mind that these games won't have to be installed like ps3 due to them be cartridges which frees up a ton of room. Game saves won't be using up too much room on it but downloadable games from psn will.

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There are 4 types:
- 4GB
- 8GB
- 16GB
- 32GB

Till 8, the price is low though from 16, the price jumps to about 3 times.

Its sony so yeah... they want to make money off by making a proprietary flash memory card. This means you HAVE to buy the vita memory card and you can`t use other ones such as SDs like PSP.

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There is an internal memory of 512 MB RAM as well as 128 MB VRAM. Sony are also bringing out four different sized memory cards in America where as in Europe they are only releasing three.

4GB - $19.96
8GB - $29.96
16GB - $59.96
32GB - $99.96

Sony have also announced that it will be 20% to 40% cheaper to download games than buy hard copies. If you plan on downloading Uncharted: Golden Abyss you should probably get an 8GB card at the least as Sony have said it will be in the region of a 3.5GB download.

Prices from

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