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Enemy/Boss Help Answers
Can u.....? 2

Strategy/Tactics Help Answers
YS Memories of Celceta 98.6% Harvest point Help? 0

Technical Help Answers
After the firmware update 3.00 My Vita started acting funny why? 1
C1-2858-3 on my psp games? 3
Can I buy vita slim in japan and use it outside of japan? 2
Can i transfer all my data including tbe saved data for each game transfer to my 2nd memory card? 1
Can i transfer PS1 saves to psvita from another persons PS3? 2
Can i update a vita game using the internet from my ps3 or computer? 1
Can you guys help me XD? 2
Can you increase the volume of People in party mode? 1
Cannot find a ps4 system? 1
confusion on PS4 remote play? 1
Cross play question? 3
Error code C2-14646-1 when trying to load Disgaea 3. Help? 1
Error Code NP-8132-4? 1
Error code nw-3154-3? 1
European and North American save data compatibility? 2
Game crashes with error C2-14780-0? 1
Help plz ? 4
how can i copy PSone save data to the Vita useing a PC? 1
How come my PSP game freezes/crash on my Vita? 1
How do I allow my downloads to continue when in sleep mode? 1
How do i eject a game? 1
How do you use ad hoc mode ? 1
How to conserve the battery's life spam? 2
How to I transfer ps vita data from 1 account to another persons account? 2
Issue about battery? 1
Lost my Ecolibrium icon/Storing save games? 2
Making sure the memory card stays in? 2
Memory card help? 1
No matter what I do i can't free up space on my vita memory 2
Phantasy star online 2??? 1
PS Vita bricked? Wont turn on. Only charges. 1
PS Vita keeps timing out...? 1
PSN games? 3
PSN Store for PSVita??? 1
Savedata lost after Individual App backup, any info? 1
The size of the copied save data is smaller? 1
What happens if I format an activated Vita? 1
Why does the game keep control my auto brightness & why its not optional ? 2
Why Vita won't sync my trophies earned offline? 1
Will remote play let me play PS2 games? 1
Will remote play let me play ps3 games? 5
Will Sony hear my cries of pain & make PDF reader soon? It's been out over a mo & there still isn't 1. 4
Would I still be able to play? 1
Back up? 1
Can I transfer files from PSP games to the PS Vita? 1
Can my Vita play two different accounts with two memory cards? 1
Can the vita connect to the psn(sen) via a bluetooth adapter connected to a pc? 1
Can Vita play UMDs? 2
Can you change it to English? 1
Can you earn trophies in demos? 1
Does the vita's remote play feature work over 3G? 2
Help with vita an I wil be happy vita help happy gamefaqs? 2
How do I Play Pre-owned games on my PS Vita and earn torphies for them? 1
How do I start my free month of 3G to get my game? 2
How do you store Vita game save data to your PC? 2
Is the memory card from my PSP compatible with the PSVita? 2
Is there a limit for the number of pages on a home screen? 1
Music in the background? 1
Music over Wifi? 1
PS Vita cant play 2 accounts diferents with downloadable full game from psn store (C0-11136-2)? 1
Two Vitas, one physical game? 2
What do I do when my PS Vita freezes? 7
What would 3G do? 7
What's wrong with at&t? 2
Where is L2 and L3? 5
Why can't I play Patapon 3? 1
Why is my Vita's left analog is malfunctioning? 1
Will vita take better pictures then my 12 mega pixel camera? 1

Other Help Answers
Can someone help me with the "Adventuring Time!" trophy? 0
Game: The Bad Girls Club Season 10 Episode 13 Online TO PC ?? 0
Is the 15th anniversary DLC code available in American PS Store??? 0
SAO -hf- How open two memories after memories with Yuuki ? 0
(create your own question)How do i transfer games between the ps vita and memory card? 2
2 different ID in 1 PSN account? 1
A question about amazon? 1
Any Artistic Psvitas games? 1
Any Artistic Psvitas games? 1
Any differences in Gods Eater Burst on Vita? 2
Any good racers coming to vita? 5
Anyone know if the Vita 2000s screen is glass or plastic? 1
Are all PSP games available for download from the PS Store on Vita? 1
Are there trophies in the ps vita demos? 2
Can i fix squeaky L trigger without opening the Vita? 5
CAn i move the game over or do i have to patch it? 1
Can i play a psvita game from Canada and get trophies from USA psn account? 1
Can i play a psvita game from Canada and get trophies from USA psn account? 1
Can I play online in vita? 1
Can i sign in on ps Vita TV? 1
Can I use physical copy save with downloadable copy? 1
Can Psp Vita play Flash games? 3
Can the games download from PSN be copied to computer? 2
Can vita play psone games? 3
Can you download tv shows and movies on vita? 3
Can you give me a name of a full game not a demo, free to buy and have trophies in it please ? 4
Can you have US games and games from other regions on one memorystick? 2
Can you use Skype and play a game simultaneously? 1
Do I have to pay for online multiplayer for games? 2
Does anyone know what this error code mean C2-10825-6? 1
Does Every Sim Card From Every Nation In The World Work WIth My PS Vita? 4
Does Vita support video thumbnails? 2
error C4-10278-8 help please? 1
Fight Stick compatible for PS Vita TV? 1
Friend List (come and be added)? 1
Game on vita froze/freezes? Game not working right inserted but says not inserted? 1
Games tied to acount? 1
GTA and Burnout on PS Vita? 3
Help me? 1
Help!! I have unlocked all Wakka's overdrive but still havent receive the "Blitzball Master" Trophy? 1
Hey guys what game should I buy? 1
Hi can anyone get me Japanese working PSN codes? I will give NA working PSN codes of equivalent exchange 1
How big memory sticks?? 3
How can I refresh my vita in frooze? 3
How do I access my pre-order skins in Playstation All-Stars? 1
How do I change my sub account? 1
How do i delete/change PSN accounts on my PS Vita? 1
How do i get money in the playstation store so i can buy things? 4
How do I grab in metal gear solid 3 snake eater for the ps vita ? 1
How do I play with psp dlc without using a ps3? 1
How do you lock the video and/or picture content on your ps vita? 1
How exactly does the O/X button swap on Japanese PS Vitas work? 1
How many friends i can have? 1
How many games are going to be released for the vita? 1
How many MB's are in a 4GB Memory card? 2
How many psp games can you downloade on the store? 2
How much would I get BACK from My PS Vita? 1
How to calibrate back touch pad? 1
How to customize the show all task screen? 2
How to get free psv games? 1
How to keep the ps vita from standing by? 1
How to use Ad hoc online with Sword Art Online: Hollow Fragment?( without ps3! ) 1
I have Final Fantasy 7 on the PS3. If I get a VIta, can I export my current save somehow and continue to play on the go? 1
I have won a PS Vita from Taco Bell, now what? 3
I updated my ps vita I can't connect to my pc has anyone else had this problem? 1
Im confused..? 1
Is it possible to download these psp games directly from ps store on the ps vita? 1
Is it possible to highlight text in the browser? 1
Is it real that the ps vita will lanch in middle east and israel in june 2012 if wrong tell me when please? 2
Is the PS vita region free? 2
Is there a way to soft reset games on the Vita or do I have to open and close the game everytime I want to reset? 1
Is there a way to switch songs/pause songs during standby/sleep mode? 1
Issues with the R shoulder button? 1
Memory card question? 3
Memory stick? 3
Moving from Hong Kong to Canada PSN change and Game Usage? 1
Moving to disc two in chrono cross? 1
Multiplayer wifi? 1
Need a friend or two new to vita? 1
No PSOne Support? 3
Play Together? 1
Please answer my question as fast as you can? 2
Please help? 1
pre-ordered PS4? (canada) 1
PSN account management help? 1
Psp Vita price plan for 3G in the UK? 3
Remote Play? 1
Should i buy a 8gb memory card or i need bigger to the vita? 1
So if you buy a game online because there's no UMDs, you use your own internet right? 2
Socom ftb 3 on vita? 1
Support for USB controller? 1
The Last of Us for PlayStation Vita? 1
This is the last time i am asking.Did sony say anything about when ps vita hits stores in middle east PALISTAIN israel? 1
Vita PS Plus - How to turn on automatic updates and trophy Sync? 1
Way to convert iso/cso file to play on vita? 1
What are the best Nintendo alternatives? 1
WHat are the best recommeneded PSP JRPGs to get on the Vita? 1
What bundle should I get from this weeks sale? 2
What is the complete list of compatible PSP Legacy games for the Vita? 2
What's a good memory card to get for someone like me who is only going to play games? 2
When is Remote Play coming to PS3 games? 1
When will the ps vita lanch in all of middle east and israel? 2
Where to find PSV Game Saves ? 1
Which fifa should i get FIRST? 1
whole Persona series story? 1
Why does my Vita screen dim every minute despite my changes to power save options? 1
Why I can't access to PS STORE? 2
Will I be able to earn trophies on my main account? 1
Will the ps vita come in Israel feb 22? 3
Will there any harvest moon game on vita? 1
Words With Friends on Ps Vita? 1
Would NEAR detects my address and location? 5
3G question? 1
About buying PSN games? 1
Application data? 4
Are the iso/cso games compatible with vita? 1
Are there any good game for vita? 2
Are there going to be any japanese PS vita games going to be released with english translations in Europe or America? 1
AT&T 3G monthly payment? 1
Can I download other people's save files? 1
Can I use my us psn to play imported japanese games? 1
Can the PSVita connect AdHoc with a PSP? 1
Can the Vita play PS2 classics from PSN? 1
Can the Vita scan QR codes? 1
Can this play "Digital Copy" movies? 1
Can this thing fit in your pocket? 2
Content Manager Backup help? 1
Difference between "White" and "Crystal White"? 2
Does anyone know If Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (Digital Download) will REQUIRE....? 1
Does the Trigger Grips really hurt the PS Vita? 1
Does the VITA have any built in memory? 2
Does wifi go off? 1
DW Gundam 1,2,&3 & armored core games for PSVITA??? 1
Ff7?? 1
Final Fantasy 7 Button Issues? 1
Final fantasy 7 download? 1
How do I activate pleasure mode on my PS Vita? 1
How do I get to the instant game collection in the PSN store? 1
How do I play PSP games on PS VITA? 1
How does P3P look? 1
How many games can i hold on a 16g memory card? 2
How many Vitas can connect to a ps3 ad-hoc at one time? 1
How much is golden abyss if i buy it off the psn store? 1
How much? 1
Is My PS Vita Region Free? 1
Is the memory stick for psp compatible with vita? 2
Is this like the pspgo? 2
Lightning animation wont go off after fully charged? 1
Playstation plus? 1
Protective Filter for Rear Touch Pad to install properly without bubles? 1
Ps vita body making noise? 1
PS3/Vita PSN help? 1
Refresh LiveArea screen? 1
Squeaky X button on the PS Vita? 1
What are the pros and cons of the vita? 4
What does Vita stand for? 1
What free PSN game do you get with the 300 dollar PS Vita bundle? 2
What is cross platform gaming?? 1
What is near? 1
What Vita game is this? I think it's Little Deviants. 1
What would happen if i don't have 3g for vita? 2
What's with "Playstation Vita The Best"? 1
Why cant i use my ps3 psn acount on this thing? 1
Why does it take up more memory to download games? 1
Will I be able to get trophies? 1
Will not owning a PS3 make you unhappy with psvita? 1
Will the Vita still play PSP games? 4
Will they stop making pspsystems and games? 12
Will you need a Monthly Payment to go online? (WI-Fi version) 1
Wondering about video output? 1

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