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FAQ: Transfer PSP saves to Vita from PC

FAQ: Transfer PSP saves to Vita from PC

credits: Nepherael

1. Start a psp game on your vita and create a save file (doesn't matter what you just need a save).

2. Connect it to PC and open content manager.

3. Transfer the save to the PC.

4. Find out where that save was transferred to (you can also open content manager options on yor PC by clicking it in the taskbar down at the bottom right and it will have a folder listed). The folder is usually:

C:/> users > username > documents > PSVITA > PSAVEDATA > (a folder that just has numbers and letters) > in here is where you should find the psp saves

5. Plug your PSP into your PC and find your save files. ( folder is in PSP > SAVEDATA)

6. Transfer the saves you want (or all of them) to the folder on PC that we found where the vita backs the psp saves to (the letter/number folder in PSAVEDATA).

7. Open content manager on vita and choose PC -> PSVITA

8. Choose applications > psp saves and check mark all the ones you want on your vita.

Congratulations! You can now get all your psp saves on your vita.

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