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FAQ: How to fix Near when it stops updating

FAQ: How to fix Near when it stops updating

credits: h1ryu

Here is a step-by-step guide to fixing Near when it gives you an unspecified error when you try to update. It takes about 5-10 minutes.

1) Open the trophies application and sync your trophies with the server, otherwise you WILL LOSE them.

2) Open the setting application and select Format.

3) Select Restore the PS Vita System.

4) When asked if you want to restore select Restore.

5) When prompted about deactivating the PS Vita System before restoring select Yes.

6) Select Yes when it says it will close all applications in use then wait for it to finish and press Ok.


7) You will then be told Restoring complete. Do you want to format the memory card also? SELECT NO.

8) Your Vita will the restart and you'll have to do the initial setup again, then watch the intro video.

9) When you are back at the main menu you will not that some game icons may be missing, as soon as you put the game in the icon will reinstall and your save data will remain intact.

10) All of your trophies will be gone, as soon as you play a game again then check the trophies it will replace them from the server.

This is the way to fix the Near issue, as long as you don't select to format the memory card and remember to sync your trophies before resetting then you'll be good to go. I did notice that I had to reinstall My UMVC3 DLC after the restore but not any of my other DLCs.

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