• Secret Pins

    These special pins do not appear normally in the pin list (and do not count towards your pin total)

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    AwesomesauceCongratulations! You are more awesome than awesome!
    God ComplexSpin any of the planets 720 degrees with a single flick.
    House ProudPlace 10 stickers or decorations in your pod.
    Master of the InternetsRun an awesome LBP fansite!
    Team PickedHave one of your levels feature in Team Picks.
    Who's WhoWatch the credits all the way through.

    Contributed By: JKiii.


  • Trophies

    There are 47 Trophies - 1 Platinum, 3 Gold, 7 Silver, 36 Bronze.

    *There are 5 secret trophies. show

    25 Online Versus WinsWin 25 Versus community levels against at least one other online player.Bronze
    40 Yays!Give positive feedback on 40 community levels.Bronze
    50 Unique PlayersA level you published was played by 50 unique players.Bronze
    Aced Story ModeAce the main path of the Story.Gold
    Arcade ChampionComplete all achievements in all games from The Arcade.Gold
    Aspiring DirectorPublish a cut scene level.Bronze
    Balancing ActBalance another sackperson on an object while lifting it with touch.Bronze
    Chases The AcesComplete 10 Story levels in a row without being killed.Bronze
    Complete 75 Cooperative LevelsComplete 75 unique Cooperative community levels.Silver
    Complete Coaster Valley (secret)Complete the main path of Coaster Valley.Bronze
    Complete Jackpot City (secret)Complete the main path of Jackpot City.Bronze
    Complete La Marionetta (secret)Complete the main path of La Marionetta.Bronze
    Complete Land of Odd (secret)Complete the main path of Land of Odd.Bronze
    Complete Spooky Mansion (secret)Complete the main path of Spooky Mansion.Bronze
    Complete Story ModeComplete the main path of the Story.Silver
    Creative SparkSpend 10 active minutes in Create mode.Bronze
    Double 11Play LittleBigPlanet™ PlayStation®Vita at 11 minutes past 11.Bronze
    Everyone's A CriticSubmit a review for a level.Bronze
    FashionistaChange your costume.Bronze
    Finger CrampBash 1000 bonces in 'Bonce Tappin'.Bronze
    First Among EqualsWin a 4-player game.Bronze
    Get A LifeSpend 1440 active minutes in Create mode.Gold
    God ComplexSpin any of the planets 720 degrees with a single flick.Bronze
    Happy SnapperUpload a photo.Bronze
    Hi ScoreCollect 1,000,000 points over all story levels you have played.Silver
    House ProudPlace 10 stickers or decorations in your pod.Bronze
    Insert CoinComplete all achievements in one game from The Arcade.Bronze
    Just A ScratchSpin the LP disc in Jackpot City.Bronze
    Mindful VandalismPlace a sticker or a decoration on another player's sackperson.Bronze
    Mr Know-It-AllWatch all the tutorials.Bronze
    Multiplier x10Score a x10 multiplier in a Story level.Bronze
    Multiplier x15Score a x15 multiplier in a Story level.Silver
    Multiplier x5Score a x5 multiplier in a Story level.Bronze
    Obsessive CollectingFind and collect 100% of the Prize Bubbles in Story levels.Silver
    Pianist PioneerPlay 'Do Re Mi' on the piano in La Marionetta.Bronze
    Platinum ClubEarn all LittleBigPlanet™ PlayStation®Vita trophies.Platinum
    Prize CollectorFind and collect 50% of the Prize Bubbles in Story levels.Bronze
    Queued UpPlay a level that has been added to your Queue.Bronze
    Quick Badge JobPublish a level with a custom badge created from a Camera photo or an in-game photo.Bronze
    Rising StarCollect 50% of Skill Rewards in Story Mode.Bronze
    Scoreboard 25%Place in the top 25% of a Story Level scoreboard containing more than 50 scores.Silver
    Scoreboard 50%Place in the top 50% of a Story Level scoreboard containing more than 50 scores.Bronze
    Share & Share AlikePublish a level.Bronze
    Social AnimalComplete a level with more than one player.Bronze
    The TouristComplete a community level.Bronze
    Time Well SpentPlay LittleBigPlanet™ PlayStation®Vita on every day of the week.Silver
    Tired Of LifeAccumulate 20 deaths in one Story level.Bronze

    Contributed By: Similac and Guard Master.

  • Trophies: DC Comics Premium Level Pack

    There are 5 Bronze Trophies, 1 Silver Trophy and 1 Gold Trophy.

    Drop The BaldDefeat Lex Luthor.Bronze
    Great CaperPublish a level containing the Hero Cape.Bronze
    Just-Ace LeagueAce every story level in the DC Comics Premium Level Pack.Gold
    League of FriendsPlay any level in the DC Comics Premium Level Pack with one of more friends.Bronze
    Super CollectorCollect 100% of the Prize Bubbles in the DC Comics Premium Level Pack.Silver
    The Greatest CapeStay airborne with the Hero Cape for 5 seconds.Bronze
    The Power of GreenTrigger all Green Lantern material in the DC Comics Premium Level Pack.Bronze

    Contributed By: megatron999111.

  • Trophies: Marvel Arcade Pack DLC

    There are 21 Bronze Trophies and 9 Silver Trophies.

    "It's clobberin' time!"Destroy 5 enemes in a single run!Bronze
    "Puny God!"Defeat an enemyBronze
    Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D.Earn all gold medals in the campaignSilver
    Assemble!Unlock all heroesBronze
    Avenged!Escape the Complex!Silver
    AvengerComplete one puzzleBronze
    Avengers Together!Complete one 4 character puzzleBronze
    Baby StepsComplete your first runBronze
    Bagged and boardedPurchase all 3 bonus chaptersBronze
    Best sellerEarn 5000 Marvel coinsSilver
    Billionaire industrialistEarn 200 Marvel coins in a single levelBronze
    First editionComplete one chapterBronze
    HawkeyeDefeat 5 enemies in 5 secondsBronze
    Hulk out!Smash 4 crates in a row with HulkBronze
    I'm the best at what I do...Achieve 3000 points in The GauntletBronze
    Limited EditionComplete one character's puzzlesBronze
    Man without fearEarn a sore of 800 without using your primary weapon in any modeBronze
    Marvel MarathonReach 2,000 metres in one run!Bronze
    Mighty HeroesUse each hero at least onceSilver
    Never miss an issuePurchase every asset in the VaultSilver
    New RecruitUnlock your first heroBronze
    PlayerPlay with all 4 charactersBronze
    Richer Than StarkCollect 20000 Marvel coins in a single run!Silver
    Super SoldierReach Rank 20Silver
    The invincible Iron ManEarn a score of 500 without taking any damage in any modeBronze
    Threat InterceptedFinish the main campaignSilver
    Ultimate CollectorPurchase everything in Hero Rush!Bronze
    War Machine!Purchase all ship upgradesSilver
    Weapon XAchieve a 5X multiplierBronze
    You won't like me when I'm angrySend three enemies simultaneously with any power or personBronze

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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