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How do I get past level 4 closing doors?

I will summarize what others have said on the board

you can just skip at least some of the enemy and head straight for the doors.

hold down on the D-pad to run

Just skip the enemies. if you don't then you will die 90% of the time

Tried it without killing anyone (or switching weapons) and made it through on the first try!

All I did was whip the bullseye out, tag the left chimera really quick and charge in his direction while shooting, then slip behind the augur guy. It took me quite a few tries too but I got it eventually.

oh, and the third door is down the left passageway after you pass the second door...


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Accepted Answer

Piesia answered:

I took out the two chimera after the third door (shot one, axed the other), went through the left area into the big room, took out the chimera in front of me, got on the platform and ran past the door. Go straight into the little room.

This was a pain!

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