Question from dragonkyn20

Asked: 2 years ago

Can you unlock all upgrades for weapons in one playthrough?

I'm a completion whore and I just wanted to see if there were enough of those cubes to unlock all abilities for each separate weapon or not.

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From: geokokkapel 2 years ago

There are enough cubes to unlock at least 2 upgrades for each weapon.

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No, you will have to re run campaign 2 more times to obtain every upgrade for every weapon

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Yes you can fully upgrade each weapon in one sitting.
you just need to know where to look.
also a410c's answer is totaly wrong as the upgrade cubes are completly removed the moment you collect replaying will make no difference.

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Levels 4, 5 and 6 are the best places to look for gray tech. As someone else said, to find gray tech take the unexpected path (if there's an obvious route to go, the gray tech is probably NOT there).

Yes, you can upgrade every weapon with both red and blue upgrades using gray tech in one playthrough. It requires you to explore everywhere looking for gray tech, which can be a little boring, as well as time consuming.

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