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Asked: 2 years ago

Who got new weapons/movesets?

various characters were decloned(Or so I heard) and I would like to know which ones.

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If you have played Xtreme Legends, then the characters who have gotten new weapons are:
Xu Huang - Pike replaced by Great Axe
Pang De - Twin Axes replaced by Xiahou Dun's Cudgel from DW6
Yueying - Staff replaced by Dagger-Axe
Dong Zhuo - Flail replaced by Bombs.

If you haven't played Xtreme Legends then the following will be new to you as well:
Xiahou Dun - Sword replaced by Podao
Guan Yu - Pike replaced by Crescent Blade
Zhang Fei - Voulge replaced by Twin Pike
Zhao Yun - Spear replaced by Dragon Spear

And although the movesets have changed, every officer's EX attack is still the same.

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