• Chaos Difficulty

    When your rank reach 19,you will unlock Chaos Difficulty

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Chaos DifficultyWhen your rank reach 19,you will unlock Chaos Difficulty

    Contributed By: 0125565879.

  • Mounts and item

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Ancient RemedyCampaign Mode - Conquer "Changsha" in "A Land United" - Hard mode or higher
    Art of WarCampaign Mode - Conquer "BeiPing" in "The Tiger's Advance" - Medium mode or higher
    Bai Hu's JewelCoalition Mode - "Blitz" Kill all 6 enemy general with 4 mins time left
    Bear MountCampaign Mode - Conquer "Changan" in "Anti-Dong Zhuo Coalition" - Chaos mode
    Charge BracerCoalition Mode - "Sentinel" protect all 7 bases, clear game with 6 mins time left
    Dragon GreavesCampaign Mode - Conquer "Hefei" in "Conquerer of Jiangdong" - Hard mode or higher
    Elephant MountCampaign Mode - Conquer "Nanzhong" in "A Man of Virtue" - Medium mode or higher
    Hex Mark SaddleGala Mode - Complete Steeplechase under 1'30
    Jade EarringsCampaign Mode - Conquer "Jiaozhi" in "The Three Visits" - Easy mode or higher
    Master of MusouCampaign Mode - Conquer "Jiaozhi" in "Quiet Ambition" - Easy mode or higher
    Meat Bun PouchCampaign Mode - Complete "Yellow Turban Rebellion" - Easy mode or higher
    Obsidian RemedyCampaign Mode - Conquer "Xiangyang" in "Battle of Chibi" - Easy mode or higher
    Power RuneCoalition Mode - Complete "Sudden Death" with the time left more than 24'30s, kill 1500
    Red Hare SaddleCampaign Mode - Complete "The Endless Quest" Hard mode or chaos mode
    Shadow Runner SaddleCampaign Mode - Conquer "Luoyang" in "The Struggle for Power" - Chaos mode
    Stimulant RemedyCoalition Mode - "Marauder" Take all bases (without lose any base to enemy again), kill all enemy general with 25 mins time left
    Survival GuideCampaign Mode - Conquer "Xiangyang" in "The Three Visits" - Chaos mode

    Contributed By: QuianXian.

  • Unlockable Items

    To unlock the following items, you need to do relatively well in the Gala Mode games. For Steeplechase, you can use the analog instead of the sixasix to move and the L/R button for jumping. For Calligraphy, the pointer will always reset to where your current line is hidden whenever you aren't touching the rear touchpad. Special thanks to Khelthros and puzzo.

    UnlockableHow to Unlock
    Hex MareComplete Steeplechase in Gala Mode
    Musou ArmorComplete Marksman in Gala Mode
    Way of MusouComplete Calligraphy in Gala Mode under 2 minutes
    Wind ScrollComplete Bastion in Gala Mode

    Contributed By: Paradox_Knight.


  • Trophies

    A Land UnitedCleared the stage, 'A Land United.'Bronze
    A Man of VirtueCleared the stage, 'A Man of Virtue.'Bronze
    Ambition PersonifiedCleared the Conquest Mode a total of 50 times.Silver
    An Endless QuestCleared the stage, 'An Endless Quest.'Bronze
    An Everlasting LoveFormed a marriage pact with another officer.Bronze
    Anti-Dong Zhou CoalitionCleared the stage, 'Anti-Dong Zhou Coalition.'Bronze
    Armor CollectorObtained all of the available armor.Bronze
    Army of OneDefeated 1,000 enemies in one battle.Bronze
    Battle of ChibiClear the stage, 'Battle of Chibi.'Bronze
    Benevolent RulerAchieved the best possible Governance Rating.Bronze
    Card CollectorObtained all of the available Officer Cards.Gold
    Character CollectorCreated 10 Edit Characters.Bronze
    Coalition LeaderCompleted all of the battles within the Coalition Mode.Bronze
    Combo MasterCompleted a 500 hit combo.Bronze
    Conqueror of JiangdongCleared the stage, 'Conqueror of Jiangdong.'Bronze
    End of the RoadCompleted a five forces map in Conquest Mode.Bronze
    Equipment CollectorObtained all of the available growth items.Bronze
    Eyes in the Back of Your HeadSuccessfully completed all of the Sudden Encounters with the best possible rating.Silver
    Family TiesFormed a sworn oath with all of the officers.Gold
    Friends to the EndFormed a sworn oath with another officer.Bronze
    Great EmperorCleared all of the stages in the game.Silver
    Jack of All TradesCompleted Steeplechase, Bastion, Marksman and Calligrapher within the Gala Mode.Bronze
    Malevolent RulerAchieved the worst possible Governance Rating.Bronze
    Master MatchmakerFormed a marriage pact with all of the officers.Gold
    Master of the KingdomEarned 100,000 Exp.Bronze
    Master of the LandEarned 1,000,000 Exp.Silver
    Master of the RealmEarned 500,000 Exp.Bronze
    Movie CollectorViewed all of the movies in the game.Bronze
    New RecruitCreated a save data file.Bronze
    Orb CollectorObtained all of the available orbs.Bronze
    Quiet AmbitionCleared the stage, 'Quiet Ambition.'Bronze
    Say CheeseTook a picture using the Musou Snapshot feature of the Gala Mode.Bronze
    Seasoned VeteranSuccessfully completed all of the Sudden Encounters.Bronze
    The Goal is Within SightCompleted a four forces map in Conquest Mode.Bronze
    The God of WarDefeated more than 100,000 enemies.Silver
    The Great CreatorObtained all of the available Edit Character parts.Silver
    The Journey BeginsCompleted a two forces map in Conquest Mode.Bronze
    The Kingdom in ThreeCleared the stage, 'The Kingdom in Three.'Bronze
    The Path of AmbitionCleared the Conquest Mode a total of 5 times.Bronze
    The Plot ThickensCompleted a three forces map in Conquest Mode.Bronze
    The Struggle for PowerCleared the stage, 'The Struggle for Power.'Bronze
    The Three VisitsCleared the stage, 'The Three Visits.'Bronze
    The Tiger's AdvanceCleared the stage, 'The Tiger's Advance.'Bronze
    True Warrior of the Three KingdomsObtained all trophies.Platinum
    Unrivaled WarriorDefeated 3,000 enemies in one battle.Bronze
    UntouchableCompleted a battle in either Campaign Mode, or Conquest Mode without taking any damage.Bronze
    Weapons CollectorObtained all of the available weapons.Silver
    Yellow Turban RebellionCleared the stage, 'Yellow Turban Rebellion.'Bronze
    You Can Pursue Lu BuDefeated Lu Bu in the Campaign Mode.Bronze

    Contributed By: Guard Master.

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