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What gifts do each daimyo like to receive?

What gifts do each daimyo like to receive? (most importantly books Kihan likes)
I have sent the Sushi Field Guide to Kihan, and she didn't like it.
I'm clueless on this. Trying more items...

KrimsonKaos provided additional details:

Found out that Kihan likes the "Thin Book"

mr-rashed96 asked for clarification:

And kihan likes religous books too


Keao_ answered:

Any book related to faith.

The thin book also works.
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mr-rashed96 answered:

I think that :

Kazama like bold books like samurai tale 1 2 3 4 5

Ichijo like drama and hot books like deluxe kunoichi

Kihan likes education book like the new english teacher etc

remember that my answer is based on the daimyo personality
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Emiac answered:

All daimyos like Skill Books/ Rice Bales/ Blueprints you've stolen from another daimyo mission. For Robbery and Thievery missions there is an option at the end whereby you can either bring the stolen goods straight to the client or keep them in your inventory.
Say if you've stolen 3 rice bales, you can actually send them separately as gifts whenever you like.
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