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Friend matches and Team matches?

I'm trying to complete some throphies on the vita version 2 of them beeing team battle oriented, i have been on player match but i can't out how to join a team match :(

Friend matches... how do i invite friends to play with me on friend matches? i can't see mto figgure out how to do these two things, would be great if someone know about this :)

I have been searching all over the one has any topics or anything regarding these 2 question :(


X40J995 answered:

When you create a room, you can invite friends by tilting the right stick to the right. You should get the option to invite someone to your room. If you want to create a room that supports team battles, after you create the room, press the up direction and you should be highlighting the room name. After that, you can select what type of team match you want by pressing left or right on the left stick or the D-pad. I hope this answers your question.
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