Question from haszrol999

Help about the code ?

on the main menu, hit Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X right? but when i hit circle it go to load data screen(pointer at continue) and it didn't work.. pls help

Renraven asked for clarification:

If I don't do this, when will the content be available in a normal game?

Accepted Answer

Borzoi69 answered:

O and X are switched in the US/UK versions so you will need to switch them round in the code if you're playing the Japanese version.
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RaqibMarvelous answered:

Hit new game.
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SamuraiLloyd answered:

You input the code and when you hear Mao speak, that's when you know you did it. Then you start a New Game and a Parallel Worlder will be there at the campus. You need to go through a few maps first before you can go do the Extra Scenarios though. Also, the levels of the enemies in the alternate scenarios increase the further you get into the main game.
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Dpsmirths answered:

No. You must beat their stories first.
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