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Help with the code?

I try the Code to Accessing New Vita Content Early (on the main menu, hit Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X) but i cant make it work.
I have the US Version.
When and where i have to press the buttons?

Rambito69 provided additional details:

Still cant make it work.
When i hit circle it go to load data screen(pointer at continue) or start new game if i put the pointer in "Start" and it didn't work.

I have have to press Triangle, Square, Circle, Triangle, Square, Circle, X? or is diferent in the USA Version?

Rambito69 provided additional details:

I try to press triangle square X triangle square X circle too, but.. still dont work.
I buy it in Play Asia
This is the only way to Unlock this? or i can unlock it normally at the post game?


Awesomeist answered:

Press it on the title screen of the game. When you press X, you should hear Mao speak. You can then choose to either continue your game, or start a new one.
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Ultimate_Broly answered:

You sure you have the US version? The UK/AS version buttons are different than the US, if circle is your selection button then its not the US version. Try switching the code around to triangle square X triangle square X circle.
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GODmetalICE answered:

I have the same concern. I think the game itself recognizes that only code, so for those X & O interconnected, it wont work at all as when , as you mentioned, press O, it enters the load screen, therefore not letting you finish the sequence, and not to make the cheat work. sucks to be us...
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burpiewideload answered:

Move the cursor over the "continue" option and then do the code.
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hardmelon17 answered:

it won't work in Japanese PSP. don't worry, beat the game and the NPC will appeared on the post-game.
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