Question from DevilsDivide

Asked: 2 years ago

Did 167 billion damage. Where is Tera damage trophy?

I've just did ~167 000 000 000 damage with my Adell. No "Tera Damage." What I've done wrong? I need to deal Trillion damage?!....... Help please.

I've got a pic with 102 899 773 440 damage if someone need to check.
I've tried tons of manipulations with this trophy...Need help.

Additional details - 2 years ago

I've attacked SINGLE enemy with SINGLE attack ~167 billion damage!

Additional details - 2 years ago

Finally got it several mnutes ago. For this trophy you need to deal more than 10 000 000 000 dmg (my was ~26 bill with adell) to ENEMY(!) UNIT. Not Hero Prinny or someone else...)

Thanks everyone.

Accepted Answer

From: aces4839 2 years ago

If u attacked multiple characters, it will not give u the trophy. you must attack only 1 character.

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By any chance have you tried this attack on Prinny Hero? I think he takes extra damage.

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