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Quest/Puzzle Help status answers
Finding pirates? Answered 1
Plot Help status answers
Item World Hoomroom help? Answered 1
What does detention room do? Answered 1
Other Help status answers
2 Extra weapon skill? Answered 2
About the stats with icons? Answered 1
About Trophys? Answered 1
After 10 hours of playing? Open 3
Alternate World Cheat? Answered 1
Area of Effect for spells? Answered 2
Aurum? Answered 1
Awaken moves? Answered 1
Base stats related? Open 1
Can i use my save data from ps3 absence of justice to ps vita absence of detention? Open 1
Cant find trapezohedrion in beryl chapter 4-1?? Open 2
Chaos solider? Open 1
Class World Command Attack: ALL down to luck? Answered 3
Class world inheritance question? Open 2
Classroom Baal? Open 2
Does it have to be Heavy Knight and Beast Master? Answered 1
Does this work? Open 1
Earning Exp?? Open 1
Full classroom with empty chairs? Open 1
Get Gig? Answered 2
Healing Paradise? Open 1
Help about the code ? Answered 4
Help with characters? Open 1
Help with the code? Open 5
How can i unlock prinny girl and desko in disgae 3 absence of detenion? Open 2
How do I confront the real Tyrant Baal? Answered 3
How do I get a majin? Open 2
How do I get rid of the Vato Brothers in the classroom? Open 1
How do I go back to post game?! Open 1
How do you detete a non story char? Answered 1
How i get Fight Shot? Answered 1
How to get Rutile and Stella Grosullar? Answered 1
How to get Super Hero Aurum? Open 3
How to invade rival school? Answered 1
How to make the pigs give up there seat? Answered 1
How to obtain "Over Load" for my healer? Answered 1
How to unlock cameo character? Open 3
How to unlock Priere? Answered 1
How to unlock Rutile and Stella without using the cheat code? Answered 1
I feel like a blind...i need a little help? Open 1
I want nekomata from item world can help me? Answered 6
Item Duping questions: How does it work? Answered 2
Killing enemies in the item world? Answered 1
Location service? Answered 1
Magichange list help? Open 1
Magichange? Open 1
New game+ post game Charaters? Answered 1
New Game+? Open 2
Parallel worlder cheat code?? Open 1
Peta spells? Answered 3
Post game? Answered 1
PS3 version DLC on the Vita? Answered 2
Puppy Paw Stick question? Answered 1
Question about Diez gentleman sidequests? Open 1
Tera Damage Trophy... how? Answered 2
The Bill that costs 999,999 mana? Answered 1
The Code on uk version? Open 1 Answered 2
unlocking Humanoid Aurum? Answered 1
What is a trap? Answered 1
What is Honour Quotient? Answered 1
What is the HQ score/counter thing when you open the Menu? Answered 2
What Reps oppose each other? Answered 1
Why isn't there a save file out yet? Open 1

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