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Asked: 2 years ago

What does the exclamation point or question mark over a fairys head mean?

Besides having points to distribute, what do they mean and how do you find out what she wants? I am playing the demo for a bit on all three classes to see if I want to buy the game and there is this part of the game where the bandits are near a wagon where she displays a exclamation point in one spot on the tree line and a question mark in another spot. Im confused. Tried pushing all the buttons and touch screen. PLEASE HELP!!! Am seriously considering buying the game but cant keep trying it out if i cant figure this out.

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It means that their is treasure buried in the ground

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As was said, it signifies treasure in the ground....use the rear touchpad, or the right analog stick to move the fairy around. Watch the pulses of light around the fairy as a homing beacon...the faster the pulses, the closer she is to the treasure...when they get to be about 2 a second, stop moving her, and the treasure will appear.

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