Walkthrough by GrimTKL

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                      A Walkthrough by Team Kate Lockwell

                                    TKL is:

                                Bobby "Suitata"

                                  Will "Grim"


                                  Tom "Zatara"

| Table of Contents |

|Controls                                  |
    |Lil and Laarg Controls     (C1)   |
    |Lil Specific Controls      (C2)   |
    |Laarg Specific Controls    (C3)   |
    |Bubble Controls            (C4)   |
    |Sheep Controls             (C5)   |
    |Minion Controls            (C6)   |

|Walkthrough                               |
  |Prison Section One                    |
    |1. Exit Stage Left         (P1L1) |
    |2. Stop or Die Trying      (P1L2) |
    |3. The Little Things       (P1L3) |
    |4. Tap That                (P1L4) |
    |5. Reach Around            (P1L5) |
    |6. Mind the Gap            (P1L6) |
    |7. Fly By                  (P1L7) |
    |8. Kiln Me Softly          (P1L8) |
    |9. Pinch and Squeal        (P1L9) |
    |10. Brickin' It            (P1L10)|
  |Prison Section Two                    |
    |11. Remain Seated Please   (P2L1) |
    |12. The Gray Mile          (P2L2) |
    |13. Who Darted?            (P2L3) |
    |14. Break on Through       (P2L4) |
    |15. Make Your Bed          (P2L5) |
    |16. Biggest Fan            (P2L6) |
    |17. Exhausted              (P2L7) |
    |18. Movin' on Up           (P2L8) |
    |19. It Is the Only Way     (P2L9) |
  |Factory Section One                   |
    |20. Suck on This           (F1L1) |
    |21. Easy Squeazy           (F1L2) |
    |22. Air Hole               (F1L3) |
    |23. Weight to Die          (F1L4) |
    |24. Tilt Me Baby           (F1L5) |
    |25. Any Which Way          (F1L6) |
    |26. A Close Shave          (F1L7) |
    |27. Chop Chop              (F1L8) |
    |28. Tap Chop               (F1L9) |
    |29. Smoking Kills          (F1L10)|
    |30. Free Range Sheep       (F1L11)|
    |31. Ah, Push It            (F1L12)|
  |Factory Section Two                   |
    |32. Fall Guys              (F2L1) |
    |33. Gag Pipes              (F2L2) |
    |34. Easy Does It           (F2L3) |
    |35. Falling for You        (F2L4) |
    |36. Final Elevation        (F2L5) |
    |37. Sticky Situation       (F2L6) |
    |38. Shocking Balls         (F2L7) |
    |39. Dead Zeppelin          (F2L8) |
    |40. Pop Top                (F2L9) |
    |41. Slow Poke              (F2L10)|
  |Dump Section One                      |
    |42. Body Bag               (D2L1) |
    |43. You're My Gyro         (D1L2) |
    |44. Him See Hammer         (D1L3) |
    |45. Bubble Butt            (D1L4) |
    |46. Bubble and Squeak      (D1L5) |
    |47. It's Raining Sheep     (D1L6) |
    |48. Lovin' an Elevator     (D1L7) |
    |49. Floater                (D1L8) |
    |50. La Vie En Rose         (D1L9) |
    |51. Knock...Knock          (D1L10)|
    |52. Who's There            (D1L11)|
    |53. Tap Dance              (D1L12)|
    |54. One for my Homies      (D1L13)|
    |55. Short Circuit          (D1L14)|
  |Dump Section Two                      |
    |56. Chopping Mall          (D2L1) |
    |57. Gas & Squirts          (D2L2) |
    |58. Facial of Death        (D2L3) |
    |59. Secondhand Smoke       (D2L4) |
    |60. Fatally Fantastic      (D2L5) |
    |61. Ewe Are Fired          (D2L6) |
    |62. Steers & Gears         (D2L7) |
    |63. Rusty Squirts          (D2L8) |
    |64. Blowout                (D2L9) |
  |Workshop Section One                  |
    |65. Bakuki's Health Spa    (W1L1) |
    |66. Hot Coffee             (W1L2) |
    |67. Leap of Faith          (W1L3) |
    |68. Poke Back              (W1L4) |
    |69. Deep Fried             (W1L5) |
    |70. Beware the Claw!       (W1L6) |
    |71. Tap It Like It's Hot   (W1L7) |
    |72. Fatal Distraction      (W1L8) |
    |73. The Bodyguard          (W1L8) |
    |74. Made from Girders      (W1L10)|
    |75. Short Circuit Realness (W1L11)|
    |76. Mister Blister         (W1L12)|
  |Workshop Section Two                  |
    |77. Blades of Gory         (W2L1) |
    |78. Rocket Man             (W2L2) |

|Trophy Guide                              |
    |1. Starry Night            (T1)   |
    |2. A Clean Escape          (T2)   |
    |3. Death Comes for Ye      (T3)   |
    |4. Trippin                 (T4)   |
    |5. A Laarg Problem         (T5)   |
    |6. A Lil Problem           (T6)   |
    |7. Splatter Fest           (T7)   |
    |8. Test Subjects           (T8)   |
    |9. A Cautionary Tale       (T9)   |

|Other                                     |
    |1. Contact TKL             (H1)   |
    |2. Version History         (H2)   |
    |3. Planned Additions       (H3)   |
    |4. Legal Stuff             (H4)   |

   / ___________________________ \

| Lil and Laarg controls (C1) |

Moving left and right: 
Swipe across the character to command them to walk in that direction

Tap them and they'll stop walking

Switch between Lil and Laarg:
Tap on one if the characters or one of their portraits to select one of them
You can see their portrait become selected in the top corner. This is only
Necessary when Lil and Laarg are present in the same level. You can also use
R or L to switch between them. Using these instead becomes useful when you're 
trying to get 3 stars on a level using as few gestures as possible. 

| Lil Specific controls (C2) |

Inflated Lil:
There are three stages of inflation that you cycle through by pinching Lil
using the front and rear touchscreens simultaneously. After each pinch Lil
will propel though the air in the direction that her head is pointing. You can
change what direction she is facing by swiping across her much like you would
when you command her to walk. By tilting the Vita, you can rotate her
head for more precise aiming. In the first stage of inflation, Lil floats up
though the air. You can control her horizontal movement by tilting the system
clockwise and counterclockwise. In the second stage, Lil will stay stationary
in the air. She will no longer move horizontally or vertically unless you pinch
her. In the last stage she'll slowly sink in the air, and you can once again
control her horizontal movement by tilting the Vita. You can exit this
inflation mode by once again pinching Lil.

Caffeinated Lil:
After drinking some coffee, you can give Lil a temporary boost in speed by
pinching her. You can use this ability three times before she'll lose her buzz.
This ability is useful for running across temporary platforms before they
retract or running under traps before being squished.

| Laarg Specific controls (C3) |

Laarg Smash:
When Laarg is standing near a boarded up wall or floor, swipe across Laarg the
same way you'd tell him to move, but instead of moving, he'll jump though the
boards, making a hole.

| Bubble controls (C4) |

Moving bubbles:
Drag your finger across the touchscreen to move the bubbles. This works on
occupied and unoccupied bubbles.

Destroying bubbles: Tap three times on the bubble to pop it. This works on
occupied bubbles if you want to leave it, and unoccupied bubbles that are in
your way.

| Sheep controls (C5) |

Moving sheep:
Frighten the sheep using the rear touchscreen. They will run away from where
you tapped. They will even run off ledges. Don't worry about them getting
squished, they are pretty much invincible to falling damage.

Stopping sheep:
Tap on them using the front screen to stop them in their tracks. This is very
useful to make sure the sheep stops directly where you want them, instead of
chasing them around the whole screen because they won't stop directly on the

| Minion Controls (C6) |

Moving minions:
Attract the attention of minions using the rear touchscreen. They will run
towards where you tapped. Minions will stop at edges when they reach them.

   / ___________________________ \

-----Prison Section One-----

1. Exit Stage Left (P1L1)

This stage is as simple as it gets. Poke Lil until she's on her feet and poke
the door to open it. Tell her to walk out and it's over. On a side note, if you
poke the sign over the door a whole bunch it will fall. Lil can trip over it to
die in case you want to get the "Death Comes For Ye" trophy.

2. Stop or Die Trying (P1L2)

Have Lil walk right and stop her on the button. After the floor completely
extends to cover the pit send Lil across to the exit. Don't worry about the
receding floor, you'll make it.

3. The Little Things (P1L3)

The threat in this room is a single brick. Tap it into the background and walk
to the exit.

4. Tap That (P1L4)

There's not much more to this level other than a gurney blocking your path.
Tap the brick and then tap the gurney twice. Proceed to the exit.

5. Reach Around (P1L5)

You need to make a set of stairs to get past the pit. Tap the blocks from
behind three times each before sending Lil to the exit.

6. Mind the Gap (P1L6)

The mechanical block can be pushed from behind to allow Lil to cross the gap,
but be careful. The block will go back into the wall after a few short seconds.
tell Lil to start walking and tap the block from the back just before she
falls. She will cross before the block recedes.

7. Fly By (P1L7)

This room introduces coffee. Refer to the controls section if you need help 
using the coffee. Drink some coffee and use it twice right away to speed
through the exit door.

8. Kiln Me Softly (P1L8)

Use the lever to reverse the direction of the conveyor belt. Tap Laarg three
times from behind to send him unto the belt. Then send Lil towards the right to
the exit.

9. Pinch and Squeal (P1L9)

Drink the coffee and walk onto the button. Squeeze Lil to send her onto the 
next button. If Lil isn't close enough to the right side of the button she
will fall if you squeeze again. Reposition Lil closer to the right if need be
and squeeze. Walk through the exit.

10. Brickin' It (P1L10)

More coffee! Drink some and stop Lil before the bridge. Just after the bridge
flips squeeze Lil three times to zoom to the exit.

-----Prison Section Two-----

11. Remain Seated Please (P2L1)

Tap the two blocks into the wall to allow Laarg to pass.

12. The Gray Mile (P2L2)

Tap Laarg from behind three times to get him out of his cage. Send him walking
left towards the electric trap. tap the trap's door from behind just before 
Laarg fries and he will walk over it unharmed.

13. Who Darted? (P2L3)

There are three obsticals in this room. Two electric traps and a minion. Take 
care of the minion first. Shut the left electric trap and use the back touch to
lure the minion on top of it. When the trap resets he will die. Now send Laarg
to the left and close the traps as he approaches.

14. Break on Through (P2L4)

Move Laarg onto the boarded up hole and swipe downward over Laarg. He will 
crash down onto the mattress and survive. Move Laarg to the right until he
is next to the wall. swipe to the right over Laarg and he will crash through
the wall. Send Lil to follow Laarg to finish the room.

15. Make your Bed (P2L5) 

This room is similar to the last except you need to tap the mattress on 
the bottom floor from behind before crashing Laarg down. have Lil follow Laarg
to the exit.

16. Biggest Fan (P2L6)

Use the touch screen to make clockwise circles around the center of the fan
to open the door. Send Lil and Laarg through the open door but keep spinning
the fan or one of the characters might get squished.

17. Exhausted (P2L7)

Put one finger over the hole leaking exhaust. After the exhaust is gone use
another finger to send Lil and Laarg through the door. Don't move the finger
plugging the hole until Lil and Laarg are safe.

18. Movin' on Up (P2L8)

Same as last room except with two holes to plug. Send Lil and Laarg to the
elevator while plugging both holes at the same time. when both are on the 
elevator swipe up on the tire to send the elevator up. Go through the exit.

19. It's the Only Way (P2L9)

First drink some coffee. Tap all three barrels (near the top of the screen)
to make a temporary bridge. Quickly pinch Lil twice to clear the bridge.
Push the button with Lil to open the door. The button will also allow Laarg
to crash through the floor on the left side of the room. Lil and Laarg are 
now split up.

-----Factory Section One-----

20. Suck on This (F1L1)

Tap the container of helium to inflate Lil. Tap the inflated Lil to start
floating away. Tilt the Vita so she floats into the hole in the ceiling.

21. Easy Squeazy (F1L2)

Float towards the right side of the room and into the hole in the wall. If you
float too high pinch Lil twice to start descending. If you pinch a third time
Lil will fall so be careful.

22. Air Hole (F1L3)

Use the helium and float up. When you reach the top pinch Lil twice to descend
safely down the right side. You need to aim Lil to the right before pinching so
that she won't go back the way she came. Lil will zoom in the direction of her
face when pinched, and you can change the direction of her face to either side
by swiping the touch screen over her. When you have safely floated to the 
bottom pinch the last of the helium out of Lil. Inhale more helium and float up
into the exit high on the right wall.

23. Weight to Die (F1L4)

First drink coffee. Go stand on the button and face the right. When the door
completely opens pinch Lil twice to get through the door.

24. Tilt Me Baby  (F1L5)

Use the helium and tilt the vita to make your way to the hole in the ceiling.

25. Any Which Way (F1L6)

Float to the right as soon as the level starts. When you get near the exit turn
Lil to the left and pinch her a couple time to get into the exit.

26. A Close Shave (F1L7)

Use the helium and make you way to the ceiling through all the pipes. when Lil
is near the ceiling aim to the left and pinch twice. Slowly float down past the
razors by tilting. When you are near the bottom pinch again to get through the 

27. Chop Chop (F1L8)

Send Laarg to the left toward the pit. When Laarg gets near the pit tap the
barrels from behind (one at a time) to make a temporary bridge. Each barrel
platform will only stay out for a few seconds so you need to wait until Laarg
is near the edge of each platform before hitting the next one.

28. Tap Chop (F1L9)

The spinning blades are deadly. You need to tap a block from behind three times
to block the blades. Tap the block that is closest to the left. Now with the
blade stopped send Laarg walking to the right. Don't worry when he walks into 
the blade, he will only touch the dull back side of the blade. While he is
walking into the blade push the block back into the wall allowing Laarg to

29. Smoking Kills (F1L10)

With one finger plug the leaking pipe. With another finger send Laarg across 
the barrel platforms. I like to extend the first platform before sending Laarg
on his way, but it's possible to do both at the same time.

30. Free Range Sheep (F1L11)

Tap the sheep cages from behind a bunch of times to release them. send the 
left sheep to the right of the button by touching the back touch pad (sheep run
away from where you touch). With both sheep at the right side, guide them both
onto the button with a single back tap. When the left sheep is near the left
half of the button touch it with the front touch pad to stop it. Both sheep
should be on the button which opens the door. Send Laarg on his way.

31. Ah, Push It (F1L12)

This is a simple barrel platform bridge with one extra obstacle. When Laarg is
on the second platform push the obstacle into the wall with the front touch pad
and then quick tap the next platform out from behind. continue across the 
bridge to the exit.

-----Factory Section Two-----

32. Fall Guys (F2L1)

Now Laarg and Lil will reunite. Start with Laarg and walk to the boarded up 
door. Send Laarg crashing through the door and quick extend the first two 
platforms before he falls. Continue to the right and crash through the second
boarded up door. Position Laarg and Lil on the elevator and send it down. to 
the left is a minion. Lure him onto the flippy bridge to kill him. Now have Lil
drink coffee and zoom across the bridge with two pinches just after it finishes
flipping. Have Lil use the lever and then drink more coffee. go back across the
bridge with coffee and send both characters to the right into the exit.

33. Gag Pipes (F2L2)

First thing that needs to be done is to remove the exhaust from the center 
room. Spin the fan until it is gone. It will slowly come back if you stop 
spinning the fan so keep an eye on it. When the exhaust is clear send Laarg to
step on the first button. The doors will open so send Lil into the center room.
Have Lil step on the button in the center room. With both characters stepping
on buttons the doors will close. send Laarg to the right and they will open.
Have Laarg so all the way to the right room and stop on the button. When the
doors close send Lil to the right room and have her press the button in the
background near the exit. The exit will open and both characters can leave.

34. Easy Does It (F2L3)

Have Laarg stop on the button and select Lil. To the right of Laarg there is
a pipe leaking helium. Have Lil inhale the helium and float up toward the
electrified ceiling. Use the tilt to avoid the first three obstacle. when you
get near the ceiling you need to aim Lil to the right and pinch her. Tilt the
Vita so her head is pointed in the direction that you want her to zoom before
you pinch. Aim her downward for the second pinch and descend to the floor. 
Pinch the last of the helium out of Lil and then have her stand on the button.
Select Laarg and have send him to the right. Stop him on the button on the
right side of the pit and both exits will open. Send Lil and Laarg through the 
two exits.

35. Falling for You (F2L4)

Move the camera to the middle floor and back tap the bag of straw. Now crash
through the floor and also have the three sheep drop down. On the left side
on the middle floor there is a chute. Guide the sheep to that chute and they
will end up on the bottom floor. Position the sheep under the boarded up hole
in the ceiling and have Laarg crash onto the sheep. Exit to the right.

36. Final Elevation (F2L5)

In the bottom right by the exit is a minion. Lure him onto the elevator to his
left and spin the fan until the elevator squishes the minion against the 
ceiling. Lower the elevator until Laarg can get on. With Laarg on the elevator
lower it to the exit.

37. Sticky Situation (F2L6)

Above the boarded floor is a trap that will squish Laarg as soon as he walks
under it. Send Laarg under the trap and just before he triggers it back tap
the metal block in the background. The block will protect Laarg long enough to
crash through the floor.

38. Shocking Balls (F2L7)

When you tap the electric balls they move to another spot and continue raining
down electricity. You can tell where they will go by the dark spots on the 
ground. First tap the right ball once. Then send Lil to the right and before 
she gets fried tap the ball above her. These electric balls should be pretty 
easy to avoid.

39. Dead Zeppelin (F2L8)

This is the Same as "Shocking Balls" except with helium. First tap the bottom
ball once. Then have Lil inhale the helium. As Lil ascends tap the balls to 
avoid dying. When you get to the top aim Lil to the left and squeeze her until
she can go through the exit.

40. Pop Top (F2L9)

There are two minions on the top floor that you have to kill first. Lure the 
first minion, the one directly above Lil, onto the platform to the left, and 
tap the platform to kill him. All the way to the left by the exit is the second
minion. Use the barrel platform, lure him onto it to kill him. Now inhale 
helium and float up to the second floor. Squeeze/pinch Lil three times to land.
Tell Lil to go left. Use the barrel platforms to make a bridge. Tap the
obstacles on the frontscreen while crossing the barrel bridge.

41. Slow Poke (F2L10)

Inhale helium and aim Lil to the right. Pinch twice and float down the hole. 
You need to float left to avoid the spikes.

-----Dump Section One-----

42. Body Bag (D1L1)

First position Laarg over the boarded up hole. On the floor below is a conveyor 
belt. You need to tap the bags in the lower room when they are on the left of
the boarded hole. When the belt moves a bag directly below the hole, command 
Laarg to crash through the hole. Make sure you don't crash when there is a claw
directly below Laarg because he'll die. Exit to the right.

43. You're my Gyro (D1L2)

First, kill the minion by luring him on top of the dark spot on the floor, then 
tap the electric ball to zap him. Position each ball so they're in the left
position. Move the sheep to the left, tapping the balls as he passes so he 
doesn't die. Have the sheep stop to the left of the button, and select Laarg.
Send Laarg to the right, tapping balls as needed. Move the left ball off the 
button and position the sheep on top of it. The door will open and Laarg can 

44. Him See Hammer (D1L3)

Move Laarg to the right until you see the minion push the button. As soon as 
the minion reacts, turn Laarg around to dodge the hammer. When the hammer
resets, send Laarg to the exit.

45. Bubble Butt (D1L4)

Swipe the bubble to the left and into Laarg. Keep swiping Laarg upwards and to
the right to reach the exit.

46. Bubble and Squeak (D1L5)

Guide Laarg's bubble upwards and then to the right while avoiding gears. The
exit is to the right.

47. It is Raining Sheep (D1L6)

Tap Laarg three times to pop his bubble. Now crash Laarg though the boards and
and backtap the metal circular blocks to make a bridge. Position Laarg on one 
of the buttons. Guide the sheep off the ledge and onto the platform bridge. You
need two sheep on the second button to activate it, but you can bring down the
sheep individually. When both buttons are pressed you can exit to the right.

48. Lovin' and Elevator (D1L7)

First, using the fan send the elevator up without Lil. Lure both minions onto
it. When both are on the elevator, send it up to squish them. Send the elevator 
back down and command Lil to occupy it. Raise the elevator and have Lil exit to
the left.

49. Floater (D1L8)

Inhale the helium and make it up through the holes in the ceiling. Avoid the 
spikes. The exit in the in the ceiling.

50. La Vie En Rose (D1L9)

When the level starts, rotate the Vita clockwise so Lil floats to the right. 
Before she hits the top spikes, aim Lil's head towards the exit and pinch as
many times as needed. You should fly though the door in only 2 or 3 pinches.

51. Knock... Knock (D1L10)

When both switches are pushed back they make a bridge. When they come back
to the foreground they connect again, removing the bridge. This bridge is short
so all you have to do it push both blocks back and send Lil across to the exit.

52. Who's there (D1L11)

First use the platforms between the two minions to kill them. Now look at the
four wooden square blocks by Lil. Backtap the top left and bottom right and
stop on the bottom right block. Back tap the platform below Lil. Quickly tap
the wooden block Lil is on once and she will fall. As soon as she lands have
her walk to the right and press the button. Use the last two platforms to the
right to make it to the exit.

53. Tap Dance (D1L12)

First, backtap every block with a vent on  it so that they are all completely 
extended. Now send the elevator down and have the minion walk onto the block 
on the right. Push the block in to kill him. 

Now the tricky part. Navigating Lil. Have Lil walk to the right and stop her on
the first metal block. Just before the metal block Lil is on is gone backtap 
the one below her. When she lands on this one have her walk to the right, 
back tapping the metal blocks below her as she goes. Each time she falls you 
need to tell her to walk again. Stop on the vent block for a quick break. You 
need to sent Lil to the right to reach the elevator but you need to not only 
back tap the blocks to make a bridge, you need to front tap the valve blocks to 
get them out of the way. They are all timed so be quick. I like to tap the 
front before tapping the bridge section, so I tap the top left and quickly the 
bottom left, send Lil, then tap the top right and bottom right ones when Lil 
is almost across the first section of the bridge. top on the elevator and send 
it up. Sent her to the right and back tap the last block to complete the 
bridge. She will exit.

54. One for my Homies (D1L13)

Spin the fan and the ground will turn black as it cools down. Keep spinning the
fan as send Lil to the right.

55. Short Circuit (D1L14)

Tap one of the electric blocks and lure the minion onto the right electric 
floor panel. When the block resets the minion will die. Tap one block again
and send Lil to the right. As the block is moving to the foreground, tap the
other block back so that they do not connect again. Lil will exit.

-----Dump Section two-----

56. Chopping Mall (D2L1)

Back tap the block above Laarg to fully extend it and stop both spinners. Send
Laarg to the right and forget about him. Select Lil and extend the block below
her so that when she moves to the right she will fall onto it. Have her walk 
down onto the dull side of the blade and stop on top of it. Extend the block
beneath Lil and push the other blocks back into the wall. Send Lil to the left.
Extend the middle block in the group of three above Lil. Push the block near 
ground back into the wall. The blade should be vertical now. Send Lil to the
right until she stops. Fully extend the block in the center of the room and
push the block above Lil back in. Both spinners will stop in a horizontal
position and Lil can walk to the exit safely.

57. Gas and Squirts (D2L2)

Plug the exhaust and have Lil drink the coffee. Position Lil near the stream of
sludge and when there is a break in the stream pinch Lil. Push the button in 
the background with Lil. The sludge will stop. send Laarg to stand on the 
other button. When the door opens send then both through.

58. Facial of Death (D2L3)

Plug both holes in the pipe at the same time. If you plug just one Lil will 
die. Have them both stand on the elevator. Plug the two holes beneath the 
elevator and send it down. When it reaches the bottom send them both through
the exit.

59. Secondhand Smoke (D2L4)

Position Laarg by the big valve and swipe upwards until the gauge is in the 
red. The plugs in the pipes will start to pop one by one. Plug the holes with
your fingers. The last plug will pop into the minion and kill him. When the
minion is dead have Lil press the button and both can exit. If you don't keep
the holes plugged the room will fill with exhaust so be careful and quick.

60. Fatally Fantastic (D2L5)

First send Lil to the right onto the elevator. Laarg is too tall to fit under
the blade so spin the fan clockwise one time. When it starts moving counter 
clockwise send Laarg to the right between the blades. With both Laarg and Lil
on the elevator, spin the fan until the elevator reaches the exit.

61. Ewe are Fired (D2L6)

Have Laarg stand on one of the buttons. Select Lil and inhale helium. Avoid the
electric ball as Lil floats upwards. Guide Lil into the little room with the
button of the floor. Have her stand on the button. Now you need to get two 
sheep to the bottom floor. Guide the sheep off the ledge while avoiding the
electricity. before the sheep fall the electricity should be in the bottom 
position. As soon as the sheep start to fall touch the electric ball. When the
sheep are standing on the last button the exits will open.

62. Steers and Gears (D2L7)

When Lil presses the button, Laarg will start to ascend on the elevator. Also,
the floor beneath Lil will start to recede into the wall. Have Lil press
the button and then inhale helium. Tilt to have her ascend near Laarg. When 
she is between Laarg and the vertical pipe, pinch her upwards and to the right.
If aimed correctly you can pinch Lil right through the exit in two or three 
pinches. When Laarg's elevator is at the exit send him through.

63. Rusty Squirts (D2L8)

Select Laarg and have him stand near the boarded up door (not right next to
it). Swipe the screen to the right to have Laarg go through the boards but not
into the sludge. If you were standing too close to the boards Laarg will die.
Select Lil and have her drink coffee. Use the coffee to get through the
gap in the stream of sludge. Push the button with Lil. Have both characters
ride the elevator to the exit.

64. Blow Out (D2L9)

Touch the coffee and don't move Lil. When there is a break in the first stream
pinch Lil. She will stop between the first two streams. Don't worry about the
falling bridge. When there is a break in the second stream pinch Lil again. Do
the same for the third steam. Have Lil press the button and go through the 
door. Have Laarg crash through the floor.

-----Workshop Section One-----

65. Bakuki's Health Spa (W1L1)
First tap both electric balls. Have Lil inhale helium and guide her to the
right. Avoid the first ball. When Lil is beneath the first electric coil pinch
her so she zoom right and downward. she should stop near the second stream of
electricity. Tap the ball and pinch Lil again. Exit.

66. Hot Coffee (W1L2)

Tap the ball and move Lil to the right. Stop here between the two balls. Tap
the ball again and move Lil to the coffee. While energized by coffee, move Lil
to the right and stop on the edge of the cliff. Tap the ball and immediately
squeeze Lil. When she lands squeeze Lil again before the balls kill her. Go 
through the exit.

67. Leap of Faith (W1L3)

Drink the coffee and stop Lil in front of the vertical pipe. Squeeze Lil and 
tap the metal block below her as she falls. Lil will fall into a bubble. Pop
the bubbles in Lil's was and float her to the exit.

68. Poke Back (W1L4)

Extend the bottom left block of the four block close to Lil. Have Lil fall onto
it and stop. Of the three vent blocks by the exit, extend the one in the center
of all the metal blocks and also the bottom right one. Have Lil move to the 
right and stop on the metal block. Just before the block Lil is standing on
goes away back tap the block below her. have Lil move to the right and stop on
the permanent block. Have Lil move right and extend the metal block directly 
above the bottom right vent block. Have her stop on that metal block and when
it goes away she will fall safely to the vent block below. Lil can now exit.

69. Deep Fried (W1L5)

Spin the fan to cool the ground. Send Lil to the right and tap each block 
before they cause Lil to stop.

70. Beware the Claw! (W1L6)

Inhale the helium and float upwards. You need to weave between the circles at
the right times to avoid the claws. When you reach the top you will see falling
sheep. Tilt so that Lil floats to the right and tap the blocks to pass. When 
you reach the ceiling Lil will start to float more slowly so aim her to the 
right and pinch. On the right side of the pit that the sheep are falling into
is more helium. Land there and inhale more helium. Float through the exit in 
the ceiling.

71. Tap it Like it's Hot (W1L7)

Send Laarg to the right until he stops at the wall. Tap the platforms beneath
him one at a time. The last two platforms need to be pushed from behind. When
Laarg is on the last platform send him to the right before it recedes into the

72. Fatal Distraction (W1L8)

Tap one block and lure the minion onto the now un-electrified floor. Wait and
he will die. Tap one block and when it stops in the back tap the other block.
When they connect in the back the bridge will come out in front of Laarg. Send
Laarg across to the right. When the block that was hit first comes back to the
front push it back again so that the block do not reconnect. Laarg will exit.

73. The Bodyguard (W1L9)

First send down the elevator. When it reaches the bottom lure the minion to the
left side of the elevator. Send the empty elevator back up. Position Laarg on
the right side of the elevator and both sheep to his left. Send the elevator 
down and as soon as the minion starts to shoot send Laarg to the right. If you
sent Laarg early enough he will make it to the exit while the sheep take the 

74. Made from Girders (W1L10)

First tap the bottom three blocks to allow the first wooden block to fall into
the hole. Now, of the new three block push in the left and right ones. Tap the
middle block only twice. Back tap both metal blocks and quick tap the middle
wooden block again to allow the second horizontal block to fall into the hole.
Before the two temporary metal blocks return back into the wall you need to 
extend the three blocks closest to the metal girder. Laarg can no exit to the

75. Short Circuit Realness (W1L11)

Tap one block of the group of three near Laarg. As soon as it stops in the back
tap the other two at the same time. Send Laarg to the right. When the first 
block returns to the front send it back again. Have Laarg stop on the section
with the safety cone. Do the same thing with the next group of blocks and exit.

76. Mister Blister (W1L12)

First tap the right ball. Next guide a bubble over to Laarg (avoid the 
electricity). Guide Laarg in the bubble to right and then upwards to the exit.

-----Workshop Section Two-----

77. Blades of Gory (W2L1)

Select Lil and tilt to float between the two spinners. squeeze Lil twice so 
that she zooms to the right and float down to the exit. Select Laarg and guide
bubble between the two blades and down to the exit. Pop his bubble and send
him through.

78. Rocket Man (W2L2)

First tap the brick on the ground. Have Lil use the button to start the rocket
and swipe a bubble into Lil. Guide Lil upwards through the ceiling. The rocket
will follow behind Lil so you need to move quickly. First there will be blocks
in the way so tap some of them to proceed upwards. Soon there will be bubbles
in the way. Tap them three times each to pop them. Farther up there will be
electric balls that you will need to tap as you ascend. When you get high 
enough the Level will end.

-----THE END-----

   / ___________________________ \

| Starry Night (T1) |

Trophy Description: "Earn 3 stars in every level"

The stars are determined by two factors: time taken and the number of gestures
taken to finish the level. Here are a few tip so help you use fewer gestures.

When you select Lil or Laarg by tapping them or their portrait it counts as
one gesture. But if you use the R and L buttons to switch between them it does
not count any gestures.

Every time that you touch the screen, even if your touch doesn't affect 
anything, it counts a gesture. Don't tap things unless you need to.

There are objects that you can use fewer gestures by never lifting your finger
from the screen. For instance, in the first room "Exit Stage Left", Lil needs
to be tapped at least three times to wake up. But if you keep your finger on
her until she is standing up it will count only one gesture.

Another example of this is fans. Every time that you touch the fan counts a 
gesture but if you don't lift your finger and spin until the level is finished
it will count only one gesture.

Bubbles can take many gestures to move around the screen. After you swipe the
bubble in the direction that you want it to move, don't lift your finger.
Circle your finger back around the bubble and swipe it again and again until
your reach your destination. This way you can move bubbles as far as needed
with only one gesture.

| A Clean Escape (T2) |

Trophy Description: "In challenge mode, complete the entire game in less than
20 deaths combined for Lil and Laarg"

there are a couple tip I can give you for this trophy. First, don't attempt
this in the normal story mode. You need to start the game from the challenge
section. Choose this mode by tapping the monitor on the main menu screen. The
first time you see the monitor it will have an exclamation point on it.

Another tip I can give you could be considered cheating. If think that Laarg or
Lil may die (like they are falling into a pit) you can quickly pause the game
with the start button and then hit the restart button. This will restart the 
level and save you a death.

| Death Comes for Ye (T3) |

Trophy Description: "Die in every level in Escape Plan"

There are a few levels that are difficult to figure out how to kill yourself
in. Here are some of them.

'Exit Stage Left' - Knock down the sign and trip on it.

'Please Remain Seated' - Backtap Laarg's cage to knock him off the conveyor
'Break on Through' - Poke Laarg with the hand that comes out of the small door
                     by using Lil to hit the button. Alternatively, you can 
                     have Lil stand on the mattress and have Laarg break

'Free Range Sheep' - Close the door on top of Laarg by moving the sheep off the
                     pressure switch when he's underneath the door.

You can inflate Lil and drop her from a high distance to kill her in many
different levels. Also you can pop a bubble from a high height and let them
fall to their inky doom.

| Trippin (T4) |

Trophy Description: "Trip up Lil in 5 rooms"

First: Sign in "Exit Stage Left". You have to knock down the sign first.
Second: Brick in "The Little Things".
Third: Brick in "Tap That".
Fourth: Broom in "Mind the Gap". Tap the broom once from behind to knock it 
Fifth: Brick in "Rocketman".

| A Laarg Problem (T5) |

Trophy Description: "Kill Laarg in 5 different ways"

The first five different ways you can kill yourself as Laarg are as follows:

'Kiln me Softly' - Push Laarg's cage into the kiln.
'Brickin' It'    - Push Laarg's cage off the conveyor belt.
'The Gray Mile'  - Step on the electrified floor trap. 
'The Gray Mile'  - Stand on the closed trap door and wait for it to reopen.
'Who Darted?'    - Get darted by the minion.

(Unfortunately, It's too late for us to test these, because we can't re-get
 the trophies. These are just based on some assumptions. Please share your
 theories with us so we can make this section better.)

| A Lil Problem (T6) |

Trophy Description: "Kill Lil in 5 different ways"

The first five different ways you can kill yourself as Lil are as follows:

'Exit Stage Left'    - Knock down the sign above the door and trip on it.
                       (Knocking the sign on top of her shouldn't count as
                       another way, because it just trips her. If you can prove
                       this, let us know)
'Stop or Die Trying' - Walk Lil into the pit.
'Fly By'             - Get splatted by the swatter.
'Exhausted'          - Suffocate Lil using the smoke.
'A Close Shave'      - Walk into the fan or float into a razor blade.

(Unfortunately, It's too late for us to test these, because we can't re-get
 the trophies. These are just based on some assumptions. Please share your
 theories with us so we can make this section better.)

| Splatter Fest (T7) |

Trophy Description: "Kill minions in 12 different rooms"

There are twelve rooms that have killable minions. Here they are:

'Remain Seated Please' - Use the rear touchpad to lure both minions near the
                         sheep drop location, and eventually one will
                         accidently shoot the other. You don't have to kill
                         both minions, just one.
'Who Darted'           - Use the rear touchpad to lure the minion on top of one
                         of the closed floor trap doors and wait for it to
'Fall Guys'            - Use the rear touchpad to lure one of the minions onto
                         the spinning platforms at the bottom of the level.
'Final Elevation'      - Lure the minion onto the elevator using the rear
                         touchpad and raise it up to impale him on the spikes.
'Pop Top'              - Lure one of the minions on a platform and either
                         retract it or wait for it to retract and let them fall
                         to their doom.
'You're My Gyro'       - Fry the minion using the tesla balls by luring the
                         minion on top of one of the dark spots on the ground.
'Lovin' An Elevator'   - See 'Final Elevation'.
'Who's There?'         - See 'Pop Top'.
'Tap Dance'            - See 'Pop Top'.
'Short Circuit'        - Disable the electric floor trap then lure the minion
                         on to it. Now you just have to wait for it to become
                         enabled again.
'Secondhand Smoke'     - The minion in this level dies over the course of this
                         level. See (D2L4) or whatever.
'Fatal Distraction'    - See 'Short Circuit'.

| Test Subjects (T8) |

Trophy Description: "Use sheep as test subjects in 6 levels"

You can cause the death of sheep in six levels. Here's a list:

'The Gray Mile'      - Chase the sheep into the electrified floor trap. 
                       You can squash the sheep by lowering the trap door first
                       and having the sheep stop on top of it, then waiting for
                       the door to reopen.
'You're My Gyro'     - Chase the sheep on to one of the dark spots on the
                       ground then fry it with one of the tesla balls.
'It's Raining Sheep' - Chase a sheep off the conveyor belt and into the pit.
'Ewe Are Fired'      - See 'You're My Gyro'.
'Beware the Claw!'   - Scare a sheep to the left and into the claw.
'Bodyguard'          - position a sheep on the elevator and send it down to the

| A Cautionary Tale (T9) |

Trophy Description: "Collect all the warning signs"

Here are all the signs and their locations. The signs are in the order that
the game provides in their sign viewer, not the order that you'll encounter
them in the game. They're pretty similar up until the end, though.

| ## | Sign Name         | Level Name        | Location                       |
|  1 | Sheepish          | Tap That          | On the third moving cage       |
|  2 | Shafted           | Mind the Gap      | It's the arrow above the gears |
|  3 | Fly Swatter       | Fly by            | On the swatter                 |
|  4 | Laarg Recycle     | Kiln me Softly    | Behind Laarg's cage            |
|    |                   |                   | It is above the conveyor belt. |
|  5 | Lights Out        | Brickin' It       | You have to move your camera   |
|    |                   |                   | to the right to see it.        |
|  6 | Shocking          | The Grey Mile     | Behind the trap's door         |
|    |                   |                   | Back tap to knock down a       |
|  7 | Lil Recycle       | Break on Through  | cardboard box near Lil.        |
|    |                   |                   | It's behind the box.           |
|  8 | Soft Landing      | Make your Bed     | Behind the Mattress            |
|  9 | Bloated           | Suck on This      | Top right corner               |
| 10 | Melted            | Weight to Die     | On the 4th moving barrel       |
| 11 | Squeezed          | Tilt Me Baby      | On the platform below the exit |
| 12 | Fanny             | Smoking Kills     | Below Laarg at the beginning   |
| 13 | My Minion         | Fall Guys         | Back tap the third barrel      |
|    |                   |                   | platform to reveal this sign.  |
| 14 | Flatulence        | Gag Pipes         | Above the fan                  |
| 15 | Steamy Pipes      | Easy does it      | Above the fan towards the exit |
| 16 | Sheep Theft       | Falling for You   | Behind the sack of straw       |
|    |                   |                   | Raise the elevator to reveal   |
| 17 | Top Spike         | Final Elevation   | the sign on the elevator's     |
|    |                   |                   | lower section                  |
| 18 | Spiked            | Pop Top           | In the middle of the spike pit |
| 19 | Walk it off       | Body Bag          | Bottom left of the level       |
| 20 | Hammer Time       | Him See Hammer    | Behind the hammer              |
| 21 | Bubbly            | Bubble Butt       | Left of bubble maker           |
| 22 | Tears for Gears   | Bubble and Squeak | On the top right gear          |
| 23 | Popped            | La Vie En Rose    | Under the spikes to the left   |
| 24 | Quick Sand        | One for my Homies | Top right corner               |
|    |                   |                   | Raise the elevator to reveal   |
| 25 | Fan Blade         | Fatally Fantastic | the sign on the elevator's     |
|    |                   |                   | lower section                  |
| 26 | Double your Tesla | Hot Coffee        | Top right corner               |
| 27 | Blockhead         | Deep Fried        | On rocket in background        |
| 28 | Clawed            | Beware the Claw!  | On the top claw                |
| 29 | Escape            | Made from Girders | Behind the scale               |
| 30 | Rocket            | Rocket Man        | Behind the wall that pops out  |
|    |                   |                   | in the middle of the level     |

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