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Asked: 2 years ago

Australian Release Date?

When, or what are the chances of an Aussie launch?

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Well it does not seem like much of an issue. I have not heard a thing about it there. I mean if you look online you only find info about the Jap ver and the US ver. I hope it will get to you but if it will seems like it won't be too soon.

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You can buy the jap version or preorder the usa version. I preordered the usa version.

There is no Australian version what-so-ever. I sent an email to the developers and they told me there will be none, since its not a big seller for aussies like me, and told me to either buy the jap version or preorder the usa version.

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I believe EB games will release this in Australia around Q4, so October-December, check out their website below:

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I imagine we (Australians) will get the European version just as we did with MGS HD. As previously stated many places already allow you to preorder it.

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