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Asked: 2 years ago

Fishing Pole?

Reading online, they say to fish after around June, you talk to the old man and he gives you a fishing pole.
It's around July for me and nothing. I go to the creek and nothing happens, I talk to the old man and nothing happens...

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From: crazierthanme 2 years ago

First off you need the fishing hook from the jewel trade shop at night, like the guy before me said but, you need to feed her fish with a bug (the conversation should automatically happen if you have a bug in your inventory). When you get that, talk to the old man at the floodplain and he should give you the fishing rod

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Go to the itemshop at night and talk to the shopkeeper and she sould give you a fishinghook.

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To get the first bug in your inventory, go to the Shrine during the day and talk to the kids. One will request random food or drink items - you can get drinks from the vending machines near Shiroku or Konishi Liquors in the Shopping District, the foodstuffs from Souzai Daigaku - and then you can take this bug to the shopkeeper.

You must already have a jewel in your inventory, and you need to choose to talk to her and give her the ladybug.

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